Collective Bargaining Update - Oct. 9, 2018

The university bargaining committee provides the following update on our most recent collective bargaining session. Conciliation was scheduled for Oct. 1-3, however, the conciliation officer recommended the parties extend bargaining into Oct. 4 given the progress on issues.

During the initial days of the session we were able to resolve Article 5 – Reduction in Duties and Responsibilities; and Article 19 – Disciplinary Measures and Non-disciplinary Relief from Duties.

Given the remaining issues were predominantly monetary in nature, those were presented by the university as a package; meaning in order for there to be an agreement, the parties are required to reach agreement on each of the articles included in the package.

On the morning of Oct. 4, 2018, the university presented MUNFA with a final proposal. The proposal outlined the university’s position on:

  • 1 - Framework and Implementation
  • 3 – Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Members
  • 22 – Leaves
  • 23 – Term, Subsidized, Adjunct, Joint and Cross, Special Visiting and Spousal Appointments
  • 26 – Miscellaneous Working Conditions
  • 27 – Patents and Copyrights
  • 30 – Cooperative and Field Education
  • 31 – Salaries and Benefits

Our proposals partially focused on addressing gender and other equity issues prioritized by MUNFA.

MUNFA indicated that they would take the final proposal to its executive and membership. At this point, we will not be releasing specific terms of the final proposal until MUNFA has an opportunity to review with its members and our faculty. We will await notification from MUNFA of the results from the executive and membership review.

On behalf of the University Negotiation Committee
Geoff Williams, Co-Chief Negotiator
Ian McKinnon, Co- Chief Negotiator


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