Collective Bargaining Update - June 19, 2018

The university bargaining committee provides the following update on our most recent collective bargaining session with MUNFA on June 7, 2018.

During this session, proposals were exchanged with regards to the following Articles:

  • 1 - Framework and Implementation – University responded to MUNFA proposals;
  • 4 - Duties and Responsibilities of Librarians – Within clause 4.12 MUNFA proposed that the eligibility for research and development leave be reduced from 2 years to 1 year. We indicated we were agreeable providing the Librarian submits a report outlining the work undertaken. This was not acceptable to MUNFA;
  • 5 – Reduction in Duties and Responsibilities – University indicated it was prepared to enter into dialogue with respect to the recently announced Voluntary Retirement Plan (VRP); however, we did not support a phased-in approach spanning several years as proposed by MUNFA;
  • 7 - Appointment of Faculty Members – University responded to MUNFA previous proposal. MUNFA is proposing a definition of “failed search” which would only occur if the Search Committee is unable to recommend a candidate or the recommended candidate(s) decline the offered position;
  • 13 - Appointment of Librarians – MUNFA has proposed the same definition of “failed search” as per Article 7;
  • 14 - Procedures for the Formation of Promotion and Tenure Committees for Librarians – MUNFA responded to the University latest proposal;
  • 17 - Tenure-Track Appointment and Tenure for Librarians – MUNFA is proposing to require the University Librarian (UL) to provide “substantive” reasons in clauses 17.18 and 17.19 when UL has a negative recommendation. This is a similar theme in other MUNFA proposals; however, MUNFA has been unable to provide any examples where the current language is lacking;
  • 18 - Procedures and Criteria for Promotion of Librarians – MUNFA continues to propose including “substantive” to qualify reasons when the UL does not accept the recommendations of the P & T Committee along with amendments to the language surrounding promotion to Librarian III and Librarian IV;
  • 19 – Gross Misconduct in Academic Research – The University has been attempting to achieve greater alignment with Tri –Council requirements; however, MUNFA has been resistant in recognizing there is a shared benefit in having alignment, indicating this was more a problem for the University;
  • 24 – Counselling Faculty Members – University responded to MUNFA proposal indicating our preference to keep the present agreement language;
  • 27 – Patents and Copyrights – MUNFA indicated they wanted the policy reflected in the collective agreement;
  • 30 – Cooperative and Field Education – MUNFA is proposing that ASM-CFEs no longer be subject to layoff provisions within Article 30, rather they be subject to Article 25 (Resignations, Retirement, Transfer and Layoff)

During an earlier negotiation session on May 18, 2018 MUNFA tabled its monetary proposals, and indicated these monetary proposals were meant to move the process along. Generally, monetary proposals would not be tabled until the majority of non-monetary proposals have been resolved. When MUNFA tabled its monetary proposals, all but one Article remained outstanding. A summary of MUNFA’s monetary proposals are attached in Appendix A. We are reviewing the proposals; however, it was quickly apparent that the proposals are not consistent with the fiscal environment and challenges the University is facing.

On behalf of the University Negotiation Committee
Geoff Williams, Co-Chief Negotiator
Ian McKinnon, Co- Chief Negotiator


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