Undergraduate Honours and Joint Honours

The Honours Program requires 20 courses, 60 credit hours and the joint Honours requires sixteen courses, 48 credit hours.  


1. See General Regulations for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Honours).

2. An Honours degree in Linguistics must include 60 credit hours in Linguistics courses of which the following are required: Linguistics 1100, 1103, 1104, 2210, 3000, 3100, 3201, 3210, 3500, 3850, 4100 (or 4110), 4201 (or 4202), 4999, and at least one of Linguistics 4010-4091, 4150, 4210, 4500, 4700, 4950-4960. Students should choose courses in consultation with their Honours Essay supervisor, to ensure that the needs and interests of the individual candidate are met, and to take into account the availability of courses which the department is able to offer. The Honours or Joint Honours student must also meet a language requirement of 6 credit hours or the equivalent in a second language. Under very special circumstances the Head of the Department may prescribe 6 credit hours in advanced courses in English dialectology in place of the above second language requirement.

3. Linguistics may also be combined with another subject or subjects to constitute a Joint Honours degree. The required courses listed above for the Honours degree, except for 4999, are also required for any Joint Honours degree in Linguistics. A total of 48 credit hours in Linguistics, which may include 4999, is required for Joint Honours in Linguistics. Students should consult their Department of Linguistics advisor to ensure that they select courses which complement their other Honours Subject of Specialization.


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