Fall Courses 2020

FREN 1500-001Intro. to University French I02RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-002Intro. to University French I03RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-003Intro. to University French I04RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-004Intro. to University French I05RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-005Intro. to University French I07RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-006Intro. to University French I03RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-056Intro. to University French I35RemoteTBD
FREN 1500-081Intro. to University French IDEOnlineTBD
FREN 1501-001Intro. to University French II02RemoteTBD
FREN 1501-002Intro. to University French II03RemoteTBD
FREN 1501-003Intro. to University French II04RemoteTBD
FREN 1501-004Intro. to University French II05RemoteTBD
FREN 1501-005Intro. to University French II06RemoteTBD
FREN 1501-056Intro. to University French II35RemoteTBD
FREN 1501-081Intro. to University French IIDEOnlineTBD
FREN 1502-001Intro. to University French III03RemoteTBD
FREN 1502-002Intro. to University French III04RemoteTBD
FREN 1502-003Intro. to University French III05RemoteTBD
FREN 1502-004Intro. to University French III02RemoteTBD
FREN 1502-081Intro. to University French IIIDEOnlineTBD
FREN 2100-001Intermediate French I05RemoteDr. D.R. Gamble
FREN 2100-002Intermediate French I08RemoteTDB
FREN 2100-003Intermediate French I04RemoteSylvie Proulx
FREN 2101-001Intermediate French II17RemoteDr. Pierre-Olivier Bouchard
FREN 2101-002Intermediate French II07RemoteDr. D.R. Gamble
FREN 2300-001Phonetics19RemoteDr. Anne Thareau
FREN 2601-001Grammar and Reading03RemoteDr. Halia Koo
FREN 2601-002Grammar and Reading06RemoteDr. Halia Koo
FREN 2602-001Reading Practice18RemoteDr. Kodjo Attikpoé
FREN 2900-056Survey Francophone Cultures34RemoteTDB
FREN 3100-001Grammar and Textual Analysis13RemoteDr. Karine Abadie
FREN 3100-002Grammar and Textual Analysis20RemoteDr. Philippe Basabose
FREN 3101-001Stylistics and Textual Analysis04RemoteDr. Virginia Harger-Grinling
FREN 3504-001Literary History08RemoteDr. Halia Koo
FREN 3506-001French Cinema30RemoteDr. Karine Abadie
FREN 3650-001French Culture17RemoteDr. Anne Thareau
FREN 4101-001Translation & Comparative Stylistics03RemoteDr. Virginia Harger-Grinling
FREN 4829-001Post Colonial Literature19RemoteDr. Kodjo Attikpoé
FREN 4630-001Literary Genre I19RemoteDr. Pierre-Olivier Bouchard


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