Windows 10 Readiness

Update on Windows 10 compatibility with key Memorial IT services

IT Services continues its work to ensure that Windows 10 is compatible with Memorial’s essential information technology services, such as the Memorial Portal ( and Virtual Private Network.

IT Services expects to complete this work by mid-August – meaning that most users who wish to use Windows 10 will be supported in doing so on a case-by-case basis. IT staff are available via the Service Desk to consult and advise you accordingly.

For computers or devices that are purchased with Memorial funds, there is no cost or time limit on upgrading to Windows 10. Under the university’s Enrolment for Education Solutions agreement, the vast majority of computers with Microsoft operating systems will continue to be eligible for the upgrade at no cost beyond July 2016.

Windows 10 represents some fundamental changes from previous Microsoft operating systems. For example, it has a new default browser called Edge which impacts internet-based services, and IT Services is actively working to adapt to this new operating system.

Key Memorial services that are now compatible with Windows 10:

  • Minitab
  • System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) for PC patching and application updates

Some key Memorial services that are not yet compatible with Windows 10:

  • Banner
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN offered through ITS)
  • Fortis
  • Memorial Portal (
  • McAfee Site Advisor

Once Windows 10 is fully supported, Memorial’s Electronic Data Security and Computer Standards policies will be updated to outline how Windows 10 can be securely used at the university. IT Services will keep you up to date on further developments.

If you have questions please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 864-4595.


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