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Computing and Communications is rolling out a new service called MUNmail, an alternative to your existing student Webmail. MUNmail will provide you with all of the services you currently enjoy with other email providers, including a suite of Google products that will enable you to better communicate, share, and collaborate. For further information, click here.


  • The setup of your MUNmail account will start upon pressing the "Switch to MUNmail" button below. When your account is ready to use, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in your old student Webmail account. Until you receive your confirmation email, you should continue to send and receive e-mail from your old student Webmail account. Due to the number of students opting in, it may be a good idea to send any time-sensitive e-mails (e.g., assignments) from your old student Webmail account, before proceeding to convert. 
  • If there are messages in your old student Webmail account that have executable files as attachments (i.e. a file extension of .exe), these attachments will not transfer to MUNmail. Log into your student Webmail account before proceeding and save any such files that you require to your local computer before proceeding. 

 MUNmail - User Consent

You are entitled to an @mun.ca e-mail address which is the sole address to be used for official university e-mail communication to you. Memorial gives you a choice of using our existing internal "Webmail" or a new service called MUNmail, powered by Google Apps for Education.

The two systems both function well for e-mail and are branded as Memorial's, however the new MUNmail offers more capacity and features such as Calendaring, Collaboration, Chat and better integration with mobile devices than our internal Webmail system. You have a choice to make and this document provides you with information you need.

Memorial University would not offer the new MUNmail solution unless we felt that your data was as secure and protected as if it were stored on our servers. We have decided to continue to offer Webmail because some people worry about data becoming subject to laws of other countries as Google may store data in locations around the world in a similar manner to Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, Youtube, etc.

Our contract with Google protects your data and also ensures that we control any changes to the system as new features are created by Google. We have also opted, for the foreseeable future, not to allow Google to distribute advertising to you.

With MUNmail, you will use the same userid and password as you use to access our portal (my.mun.ca) which will mean that Google must store these, although they use a strong and safe encryption method. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like further information about MUNmail before making a decision, please continue to read below or;  

By checking the "I choose MUNmail" box during the account setup process, you certify that you have read the user terms above and that you consent to transfer any saved Webmail messages to MUNmail (if applicable). 

Things you may want to know about MUNmail:  

  • Google can request the suspension of any user that is in violation of the Google Terms of Use. In that event, the University will defend a user's right to use MUNmail in a manner that does not violate University policy, federal or provincial legislation, or relevant provisions of University Collective Agreements. Users should familiarize themselves with applicable policies, including Memorial's Appropriate Use of Computing Resources Policy. 
  • Memorial University and Google reserve the right under certain circumstances to terminate the Google Apps for Education agreement and services. In the event of a decision to terminate, or a decision by Memorial to provide an alternative e-mail service, all MUNmail user accounts and existing data will be preserved and transitioned to an alternate service with little anticipated impact on users. 
  • In the event of a material change to the Google Apps service, or in the implementation or expansion of new functionality, all users will be notified and provided with details of such change. 
  • The University cannot and does not guarantee protection against possible disclosure by Google including to a foreign authority as a consequence of foreign laws. 
  • The University will have the ability to access, monitor, use or disclose data available to users of Google Apps for Education. This ability is not different than what exists currently at Memorial with respect to e-mail. Under certain circumstances, the University reserves the right to access user data to support the legitimate operations of the University. In such cases, University policies and procedures will be followed, specifically the Appropriate Use of Computing Resources Policy, the Procedure for Requesting Access by Non-Account Holder and the Information Request Policy. The privacy of all personal information not pertinent to the issue giving rise to the access will be protected to such an extent as reasonably possible. 
  • You will not (a) sell, resell, lease, or the functional equivalent, the services provided by Google to a third party; (b) attempt to reverse engineer the services or any component; (c) attempt to create a substitute or similar service through use of, or access to, the services provided by Google; (d) use the services for high risk activities; or (e) use the services to store or transfer information that is controlled for export under Export Control laws. 

Policies that govern your use of computing at Memorial:

Other documents that you may be interested in:


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