Project Request

A project request should be completed if your department or unit is planning to undertake IT-related work. Early involvement with Solution Delivery Services will ensure your project is properly prioritized and the required resources can be assigned. If you are unsure whether your initiative is a project, contact Solution Delivery Services.

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State the business need that the project will fulfill.
Requested timeline. Any known constraints.
Which campuses and/or units are impacted? University-wide or campus-specific? Multi-unit or single-unit?
The extent to which this request supports the University's strategic plan, research plan, and/or teaching/learning framework? The project's ability to advance the University's mission? Whether the request is required to satisfy a regulatory or legislative requirement, and/or mitigate risk to the University?
If applicable, does this project involve integration with other technologies - e.g. Banner, MUN Login, etc.? Will business processes change as a result of this project? Does this project involve Cloud services? Will a vendor be involved in this project?
What are the anticipated implementation costs? What are the anticipated annual recurring costs (annual fees, maintenance costs, etc.)?


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