Service Name: Data Removal Service


Information Technology Services (ITS) through its Personal Computing Group (PCG) offers service to wipe (eradicate) data from computer systems. This service is coordinated with Facilities Management and includes delivery of the equipment to PCG as part of the standard workflow. Refer to the Facilities Management Surplus Form or to the Data Removal Policy for further detail.
What’s Included:
  • Computer equipment used by MemorialUniversity to store data must be wiped appropriately to ensure privacy of the data and to ensure that Memorial is adhering to licensing agreements.
  • Personal computers, handheld devices, and/or any hard disk of university-owned systems must have data removed using the approved methods as per the Data Removal Policy, prior to surplus or transfer of equipment.
  • Data is erased securely from storage devices using multiple passes of data wiping software, to ensure data is not retrievable using recovery methods.
  • In some cases, if the storage device is no longer functional, the drive is physically stripped to render the device inoperable.
How to request this service:
By phone, fax, email and in person

Service Desk, HH-2012
Tel: 709-864-4595
Fax: 709-864-3514
E-mail: help@mun.ca

Service requests may be submitted by completing an on-line form .


Who can avail of this service:

  • Faculty and staff using university-owned personal computers and handheld devices, and/or any hard disk of a computing system that stored data for university use.
  • This service is often triggered by:
    • System transfers between user and division.
    • Decommissioning of computers.
    • Hard disk failure.
    • Donating computers to schools.
    • Other donations that may be sanctioned by VP or President approval.
Out of Scope:
  • Media and flash memory wiping. Facilities Management has an external contract for these services.
  • Open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding university holidays.
  • Summer hours are 8:30am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Response Times:

  • Requests are submitted to the Service Desk, and managed through use of the Remedy Incident Management system.
  • Phone calls will be answered 85% of the time within 1 minute. A queuing system is in place to facilitate phone calls in an orderly manner.
  • The email queue is monitored on a real time basis during regular business hours and replied to within 3 business hours.
  • The overall response time is highly dependant on Facilities Management delivery service.
Processes and Tools:
  • Log, monitor, and resolve incident using the Remedy Incident Management system.
  • DBAN software for performing the data wiping passes.
  • A staging area for setup of the systems to perform the passes (KVM Switch and peripherals).
  • Tools for physically striping drives when necessary.

Accountabilities and Key Roles:

  • PC Consultant is assigned to monitor the administrative and operational function of the ITS role of accepting systems, wiping them, and notifying Facilities Management or Computers for Schools that the systems are available for pickup.
  • The Supervisor of PC Management and the PCG
    Manager ensure the service is run smoothly, and manage the physical storage requirements, process changes, and escalations of challenging issues that might
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Data is collected on an annual basis to review the volume and service requirements.
  • Time to close tickets is monitored and Facilities Management is contacted if the physical flow of machines is hampering service quality.
  • Special arrangements are made as necessary with Facilities Management to clear existing stock (typically after Fiscal Year End when there is an influx of machines).
Revision: February 2014
Service Owner: Manager, Personal Computing Group


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