Blackberry FAQ

What is a BlackBerry?

A BlackBerry is a handheld device with integrated phone, SMS (Short Message Service), browser and organizer applications, which allows you to easily manage all of your information and communications from a single device. It is part of a leading wireless connectivity solution, which helps keeps mobile professionals connected to the people, data and resources that drive their day by using push-based technology that automatically delivers e-mail and other data to your BlackBerry device.

Key features:

  • Single, integrated device for all your data and voice needs.
  • Send and receive e-mail realtime.
  • Integrated phone, SMS, browser and organizer applications.
  • BlackBerry `push' technology means you don't have to retrieve your e-mail or data - it finds you.
  • View e-mail attachments in popular document formats.

What a BlackBerry is NOT.

A BlackBerry is not a pocket PC. It does not have a built-in word processor, or spread sheet application. Although you can view documents created with these applications if they are attached to an e-mail, you can not create or edit them. Additional third party applications are available at a cost.

What costs are associated with a BlackBerry?

Startup fees include the cost of the BlackBerry handheld, and software licensing costs. In addition, there are monthly service charges which vary depending on the data and cell package chosen.

What will I get from C&C?

The Blackberry handheld requires your mail be stored on an Exchange server for full function, before some features (eg. attachment viewing, web browser) will function. C&C will provide you with an Exchange mailbox and a 100MB quota. You will be automatically notified when you reach 80% of that quota. Mail sent to that mailbox can be sent to the BlackBerry handheld. The other option if you do not want your BlackBerry to be setup on the server, you can setup existing mail on your handheld by going into the email settings icon.

Our department has its own Exchange Server. Can I use that one?

No. A C&C Exchange account is required to avail of this service.

Can I restrict what mail gets sent to my BlackBerry handheld?

Yes. The BlackBerry desktop software allows you to create rules, to customize what gets sent to or blocked from the handheld. For example, you can create a rule which will block mail with the word `SPAM' in the subject from being sent to the handheld.

What if I am out of the service area (or my handheld is turned off)?

The Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) server will cache seven days of mail. On the eighth day, mail from the first day will be dropped and not sent to the handheld when the handheld returns to the service area (or is turned back on). Please note that this does not mean mail is deleted from your mailbox. The mail is still in your inbox, it just means that mail from day one will not reach your handheld. If you want a copy of the missing mail sent to your handheld you will need to forward it to yourself.

Can I get mail from all my mail accounts sent to my BlackBerry handheld?

Yes. You have to go to e-mail settings on your handheld to be this.

Will I be able to synchronize my calendar and contacts(etc.) if I use email settings option instead of exchange?

No, with e-mail settings this option is not available, only limited to e-mail.

Do I need to purchase a cell phone package when I order a BlackBerry?

Yes. A BlackBerry has to have an active cellular number.


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