Obtaining a MTS

We have a standard list of questions regarding installation of a new Memorial Telephone System (MTS).

Your answers help us select and setup the right phone-set for your needs.

1) Department & FOAPAL paying for phone installation?

2) Name of person to be associated with phone?

3) Room number and/or location of phone?

4) Will a new phone set be required? If an existing set is to be used, please provide the phone model and MAC address.

5) MUNet wallplate(s) in that location and the label info?

6) How many phone lines need to be on this phone?

7) What, if any, existing phone numbers need to be on this phone?

8) Which of the following features are required on this new phone-set: intercom, hands free, long distance?

9) Is Voicemail required?

10) Is Integrated Voicemail required (voicemail to e-mail notifications)? If so, please provide the Exchange e-mail address.
Please note: Voicemail and an existing Exchange E-mail account are required to enable Integrated Voicemail.

11) Other requirements or concerns you wish to mention?

We have 3 standard office phone-sets available:

Cisco 6921 - is a 2-line capable phone
- 2.75” LCD display (shows primary line only)
- Has hands free capability

Cisco 7942 - is a 2-line capable phone
- 5” LCD display
- Has hands free capability

Cisco 7962 - is a 6-line capable phone
- 5” LCD display
- Has hands free capability

If you need clarification, please contact us at

Service Desk
Tel: 709-864-4595
Email: help@mun.ca
Fax: 709-864-3514

Updated: November 6, 2014


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