Telephone integration between St. John's and Grenfell Campuses

If you ever have to call Grenfell Campus for university business you’ll be glad to know that the campus phone systems are integrated.

From your VoIP telephone on the St. John’s campus, simply dial *1 + the last four digits of the person you would like to speak to at Grenfell.

When using this method, calls between St. John’s and Grenfell will be toll free and no long distance charges will apply. If necessary, you can dial the full number. However, if you do so, long distance charges will apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why has the St. John’s campus introduced a new dialing method to Grenfell?

To allow for faster dialing and free long distance calling.

2. How do I take advantage of the new Grenfell dialing method?

Placing a VoIP call to Grenfell Campus can be achieved using the new (FREE) method by simply dialing “*1”, followed by the last four digits of the Grenfell number (e.g. *16200). The traditional method will still work by dialing “9”, followed by “1709” then the number (e.g. 9-1-709-637-6200).

Please note: You do not need to dial “9”, before the “*1”.

3. How does the new dialing method save on long distance?

The new dial method takes advantage of the data network link between the St. John’s and Grenfell campuses to offer internal VoIP calling, similar to an internal call within the St. John’s campus.

4. Does the new dialing retain the calling features of a regular VoIP call (conference, transfer, etc.)?

Yes, the new dialing method acts like an internal call placed to another VoIP telephone on the St. John’s campus. Conference, transfer, hold, and other features work as they normally would.

For assistance, please contact either of our Services Desks below:

Grenfell Campus - Computing and Communications

St. John’s Campus - Information Technology Services

Updated: May 25, 2015


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