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Overview of Offered Remote Assistance

Offered Remote Assistance is a technology which enables computer support over local networks or the Internet. With this tool, C&C staff will have the ability to remotely connect to client computers on the Memorial Domain and share control of the machine in order to resolve common IT related issues. The overall aim is a better experience and faster service for the client who may be able to have a problem fixed at the first point of contact rather than have to wait for an office visit. It is our hope that Offered Remote Assistance will allow us to serve our clients better by shortening the time to resolve common PC related issues.

Remote assistance is a commonly used computer support technology and is built into the Windows operating system. During a remote assistance session, the person helping you may have complete control of your machine and has the technical ability to read, modify, or delete your personal information (such as files, emails, pictures, browser favorites, browser history). For these reasons, you should stay at the machine during the session and watch what is happening.

Please note, if at any point you feel uncomfortable with what is happening during a remote session, you can end the session by pressing the disconnect button or the Esc key.

C&C staff will always ask you if you would like to use remote assistance. If you have any concerns about the technology or how it is being used we will continue to offer telephone support.

The Remote Assistance Session

Once an offer of Remote Assistance is accepted the C&C staff will ask you for the following information:

  • PC Hostname
  • Primary DNS Suffix
  • IP Address

In order to get this information

Click on the Windows Start button and select Run. This will open the Run window.

In the Run window type "cmd" and click "Ok"

This will open a DOS command window. At the command prompt type the following command ipconfig /all and press Enter. This will display your computer's IP configuration information.

Once C&C staff has the required information they will attempt to connect to your machine. After a short delay you should see the following window.

Please inform C&C staff that you see the prompt and click "Yes" to continue with the remote session. Upon continuing you should see the following window - Remote Assistance Console

At this point, you will be advised by C&C staff that they are sending you a request to take control of your machine. The following window should appear:

Clicking "Yes" will allow C&C staff to take control of the machine. As indicated previously, it is highly recommended that you stay at your workstation while the work is being performed. For education purposes, please do not hesitate to ask the IT Consultant about the nature of the problem and the repair. Also be aware that you can end the remote session at any time by pressing the Esc key on your keyboard.

At the end of the remote session C&C staff will ask you to click on the disconnect button on the Remote Console or press the Esc key to terminate the session. At this point, C&C staff will no longer have control of your PC.

Before hanging up please ask C&C staff for the Incident Number related to the call. You can use this number to refer to should you need to call again for additional support or if the problem you've reported isn't fully resolved

For all your IT Support needs please contact the C&C Service Desk at 864-4595 or help@mun.ca

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