Wireless Setup for Windows XP


This document will take you through the process of configuring the wireless software on your laptop computer to work with the MUN Wireless local Area Network (WLAN).

Who should use this document?

This document should be used by MUN faculty, staff, and students who would like access to the WLAN and have laptops which use the Windows XP operating system. It is provided AS IS due to Copyright and license agreements of the software contained within this distribution.


For assistance during the configuration process please call the Service Desk at 864-4595, e-mail: help@mun.ca

Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm (fall & winter); 8:30 - 4:30 (summer)


  • A laptop with windows XP operating system with latest service pack and patches applied.
  • A wireless network card supporting IEEE 802.11g installed with the latest drivers. NOTE: Do not install the network card software, only install the drivers.
  • Your wireless account, and SSID can be generated online at http://www.mun.ca/cc/wireless_access/gettingConnected.php
  • At lease 2 MB of free disk space on you hard drive.


  1. Click Start> Control Panel>Network Connections to verify that the card is detected by Windows XP. If detected you should see the following wireless icon. Note: For classic view users click Start>Settings>Control panel> Network Connections.

If the wireless card is not detected by Windows XP you will have to install the appropriate drivers. Please make sure they are the latest for the card in question.

Once this is complete make sure that the operating system has the latest patch available for WPA support which can be found online by referring to the Microsoft Knowledge base article KB826942, or you can try and download the patch from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=5039ef4a-61e0-4c44-94f0-c25c9de0ace9&displaylang=en.

Once the laptop has the latest updates for WPA you can begin to configure the wireless network card.

  1. Right click the Wireless Network Connection and select Properties.
  1. On the General tab; make sure the wireless network card shows in the Connect Using: box.
  1. In `This connection uses the following items' click Internet Protocol TCP/IP, and select Properties.
  • Make sure the 'Obtain an IP address automatically' along with 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' are selected.
  • Click OK.
  1. Click the Wireless Networks tab on the Wireless Network Connection Properties box:

    - Make sure that 'Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings' is checked.

    - On this tab you will see 'Available Networks' which may show a connection due to other signals being detected and below that you will see 'Preferred Networks'.

    - Below the 'Preferred Networks' click Add.

  1. Click on the Association tab within Wireless network properties:

    For Network Name (SSID): type: stu, fac, or guest (the SSID is provided when you submit the web form or supplied by Computing and Communications).

    - Network Authentication: WPA

    - Data Encryption: “TKIP”

  1. Click the Authentication tab within Wireless network properties:

    - If WPA was selected in step 6, make sure the 'Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network' is greyed out; otherwise `Enable IEEE 802.1x for this network' should be checked.

    - Make sure for EAP type: Protected EAP (PEAP) is selected in the drop down menu. Also verify that 'Authenticate as computer when computer information is available' is checked.

    Click the properties button

  1. UncheckValidate server certificate box (Very Important)
  1. Verify that Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) is selected under Select AuthenticationMethod.
  1. Click the configure button to the right.

  1. This opens the EAP-MSCHAP v2 properties box.

Uncheck 'When connecting automatically my Windows logon name and


  1. Now that the client is configured you can click OK to close the open windows until you get to the 'Wireless Connection Properties'.

  1. Click OK and you will see an icon at the bottom right of your computer (two computers joined). Double click this icon and you will be prompted for your password.

  1. When you click this you will be prompted for a logon. Only enter the username and password provided by the wireless registration. DO NOT USE DOMAIN

NOTE: When your wireless account and password were set up for you, your MUN Dialup account and password (if you had one) were reset to be the same as your wireless account and password.

  1. You should now see “wireless network connection authentication succeeded”.

If this does not work try the following: Right-click the newly configured wireless connection and disable it. Then enable it again.

Note: This logon will authenticate you to the MUN wireless network. Once authenticated Windows XP should remember the logon credentials and you should not be prompted for authentication again unless the wireless connection is removed.

  1. If this still doesn't work, contact the Computing and Communications Service Desk at 864-4595.


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