Disclaimer - Variations in Coverage

Individual wireless users may experience slightly different coverage from that shown on diagrams; boundaries may vary slightly or very localized dead zones may be encountered. Service is not set at a discrete boundary but is a gradual reduction of signal strength until it becomes unreliable. Signal strength is affected by the distance from the access point (the equipment which send/receive the radio signals for the wireless service) and any intervening material between the client card and the access point. The wireless LAN service cells, or areas, shown on the floor plans were measured with a particular set of device specifications and under certain conditions. While users can normally expect reliable service within these areas, exceptions may be due to any number of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • variations in different client cards' abilities to make and maintain connections at various signal strengths (dependent on cards' transmit power, receive sensitivity, and antenna gain).
  • new furniture in an office, such as a new filing cabinet, will attenuate, or reduce, the signal in the next office.
  • building renovations that change the number or composition of intervening walls.
  • large numbers of people in the hallways, such as between classes, will dampen the signal.
  • the obstruction by an elevator as it moves between floors.


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