Forms and Requesting Forms

The ITS Web Hosting Service and the ITS Personal Web Page Service both support forms. While there are a number of possibilities for the processing of forms, our principal support is for an electronic mail backend, which has the following features:

  • May be anonymous if you choose.
  • Will attempt authentication if you don't choose the anonymous mode.
  • Returns a URL of your choice to the client once the form is submitted.
  • Emails the filled-out form to an address of your choice.
  • Uses the POST form method.

How do I code a form?

The key element is the tag. It should look like one of these examples - the first is for authenticated forms, the second for anonymous ones. Note that the authentication is simply an attempt. You should still ask for any names or email addresses that you require.

Consult your favorite HTML reference for information on the elements to be used within a form.

As with all HTML coding, playing with examples is often the best way to figure it out. An important consideration is that unlike paper forms, there are no margins to add extra information for special circumstances. It is often helpful to add a text box for remarks at the end of your form.

What should the URL of Reply be?

The reply page will appear once the client has filled out the form and clicked on the "Send" button (or equivalent). This page should indicate

  • at the request has been sent
  • any pertinent information on processing time or procedure
  • contact information in case of trouble or further questions
  • a pointer back to the form page and/or other appropriate pages.

To simplify the form support request process, fill out this easy form to send a request for form access to the Technical Service Group.


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