Research Data Backup - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of this service?

This service is free for researchers and graduate students of Memorial University.

2. What is my disk quota?

There is no disk quota for users of the RDB service. ITS actively monitors disk usage of the system and will investigate accounts that have excessively high disk usage.

3. What type of files can I backup?

The RDB service is a simple fileshare. There are no filetype restrictions on your uploaded data.

4. Can I store data that is not research related?

No. The RDB service is provided to Memorials research community for the safe storage of research related data only.

5. How long is my data stored?

Daily incremental backups are scheduled. Users have access to 3 months of backups via the RDB Webtools. Data which is older than 3 months is archived to tape where it is retained for 1 year. To retrieve this data users have to make a formal request to ITS.

6. Can I access the RDB service from home?

No. Access to the RDB service is restricted to on-campus only.

7. Is there an RDB client for maclinux?

How can I use this service if i am a maclinux user? No. There is currently no RDB Client for Mac or Linux but the following commands will allow a user to access his/her home directory.

For Mac users:
Finderâ€Â>Goâ€Â>Connect to Server
Enter following server address: smb://
Enter username and password in dialog box

For Linux users:
mount â€Ât cifs â€Âouser= // (eg. mount â€Ât cifs â€Âouser=mtr // /mnt/tmp/)
You will be prompted for your RDB password and then the share should be accessible at the specified mount point. Note: You will have to have smbfs installed on your distribution.

8. Can I add my project fileserver to the RDB service?

Yes. If you have a project server that is collecting data or acting as a project fileserver for multiple users ITS can arrange to have this machine added to the RDB service backups.


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