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For 40 years (1969-2009) the operations of the core administrative computer applications (Student, Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Pensioners, etc.) have been managed by xwave and its predecessors.

For a number of reasons Memorial has initiated a project to bring the Student and Finance applications back in-house . The Human Resources applications will follow in due course.

Benefits to the University include:

  • Creating an environment that encourages the use of the administrative application suite rather than duplication of administrative data.
    • Departmental applications can access the student and finance databases directly (assuming appropriate controls) rather than everybody having their own copy of the data.
    • Improve data integrity, security and compliance with Access To Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPPA) by reducing the duplication of the data.
  • Student and finance environments become more flexible.
    • Memorial solutions will no longer have to comply with xwave business rules and/or Provincial Government business requirements – we can focus solely on the Universities requirement.
  • Holistic management of student and finance application environments.
    • Collapse multiple management domains to a single responsible organization

This initiative will be managed through C&C and the primary application owners, the Registrar’s Office and Financial and Administrative Services.

To ensure that there is a smooth transition this is to be an inclusive process and key stakeholders will be consulted throughout the project.

Project Team Members

Members include:

  • Brian Power - Project Leader (C&C)
  • Jim Scott - Project Manager (C&C)
  • Nicole Strong - Project Manager (C&C)
  • Graham Mowbray - Project Sponsor (C&C)
  • Barbara Dawson - Client Support Services (C&C)
  • Denise Jones - Project Management Office (C&C)
  • Rod Campbell - Operations/Networking (C&C)
  • Ken Forward - Security (C&C)
  • Penney Fillier-Skinner (Edutech)
  • Sheila Singleton (Registrar's Office)
  • Robin Baggs (Registrar's Office)
  • Gary Pike (Financial Administrative Services)
  • Bill Hillyard (Financial Administrative Services)
  • Janet O'Keefe - Communictions (C&C)

    Steering Committee

    The primary function of the Steering Committee is to review the project status, as well as to provide oversight of the project deliverable rollout. Additional functions include approval of changes to the project and its supporting documentation, assistance to the project when required, resolution of project conflicts, and formal acceptance of project deliverables.

    Members include:

    • Brian Power (Project Leader - C&C)
    • Graham Mowbray (Director - C&C)
    • Jim Scott (PMO - C&C)
    • Penney Fillier-Skinner (Edutech)
    • Sheila Singleton (Registrar's Office)
    • Gary Pike (Financial Administrative Services)

    Project Timeline

    The repatriation is expected to take a year’s effort. However, the schedule must take into account the operational requirements of Memorial and an expected completion date of October 9th, 2009.

    Communications are a key component of this project; continue to look for updates. If you have concerns or questions please email


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