Project A.N.G.E.L.A FAQs

A New Generation of Exchange and Listing Activities

1. When should I begin using the new 864 phone numbers?

Users should provide contacts with their new phone number beginning with 864 after Aug 9, 2010.

2. What is my new phone number?

The last four digits of phone numbers will remain the same, only the exchange will change. Therefore, if a number was 737-abcd, the new phone number is 864-abcd.

3. How long will the 737 exchange continue to work?

The 737 exchange will function until February 2011 without any change in service. In February 2011, callers to 737-abcd will be notified of the change and then forwarded to their desired destination. The date that callers will be disconnected after dialing 737-abcd will be determined by the project authority and steering committee based on the usage of the exchange at that time.

4. What should I do with unused stationery which lists contact information as 737?

Users will have a six month period to use remaining stationery displaying 737. All new stationery purchased should display the new 864 phone number.

5. Can exceptions be made for highly visible or “special purpose” phone numbers?

Yes. Requests to maintain the use of particular 737 numbers can be sent to Note that phone numbers published in the Bell Aliant phone book will be retained for a longer period. Even where a 737-abcd number is deemed to be a “long term” number, there will still be an equivalent 864 number.

6. Will 4 digit dialing be affected during or after the transition?

No, 4 digit dialing will not be affected on campus.

7. Will all phone numbers be changed together, or will the changeover occur by unit?

The 864 exchange will be implemented for all users simultaneously. However, the changeover will span a 6 month period from August 2010 to February 2011 to allow users to update existing stationery, contacts, web pages, etc. The change will not affect the Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy, nor the Faculty of Medicine as they operate under the 777 exchange within Eastern Health.

8. Why are the phone numbers changing?

Memorial is running out of 737 phone numbers on the St. John’s campus. Most telephone numbers on campus currently exist within the 737 exchange. However, the exchange is not exclusive to Memorial and Memorial is no longer able to acquire additional phone numbers in the exchange. As a result, the new 864 exchange has been created and is reserved exclusively for Memorial. Current 737 users will be changed to this new telephone exchange.


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