Travelling from St. John's campus to Grenfell or MI - want to stay connected? Here's how...

Do you want to connect to the St. John's wireless system when you travel from the St. John's campus to the Marine Institute and Grenfell? Any user of the St. John's wireless system can easily connect their laptops, iPhones, iPads or Blackberrys, etc. to the MI and Grenfell networks when visiting these campuses simply by using their usual wireless user ID and password.

If you have your wireless user ID and password stored on your device, then you should connect automatically; if not, go to for instructions. If you are from the St. John's campus and want to access shared folders (voyager files) or an Exchange client, you will need to use a special VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. Contact the C&C Service Desk for details.

A similar service, called Eduroam, is available for St. John's wireless users who travel to other campuses world-wide. To see if the university you are visiting subscribes to Eduroam, go to and click on "Where can I eduroam?" If they subscribe, you can use your Memorial wireless user ID and password to connect to their wireless without needing a "guest account". It's best to set this up before travelling. Information is available at Eduroam. Over the next few weeks the computing and communications groups at St. John's, Grenfell, and MI will add Grenfell and MI to Eduroam so that the service will be available for those campuses too.


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