Advisory: Morgan and Plato email address to be blocked as of May 5, 2010

As part of its long term strategic IT plan, the Department of Computing and Communications has been advocating the use of email addresses since 1999. Prior to that date, most MUN email addresses were of the longer or format. When the short form was implemented, we chose to continue support for the old longer morgan/plato formats. It was felt that a period of continued support would ease the transition and ensure that published email addresses would continue to function normally.

Now, over 10 years later, we see that there is very little legitimate use of the @morgan or @plato email addresses. Almost all of our incoming mail destined for these legacy addresses is spam addressed to our older email addresses, so blocking these will help alleviate the spam problem for these recipients.

If you are still using your @morgan or @plato email address and wish to continue to do so, please contact our Service Desk at 737-4595 or so that we can continue to allow this mail to get through to you.

If you are currently subscribed to a mailing list or newsletter with your @morgan or @plato email address, you may either contact the list owner and request that your email address be changed, resubscribe to the list with your email address, or contact us to continue support of your legacy format email.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change and how it may affect you, please contact the Computing and Communications Service Desk at 737-4595 or


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