Travelling with a Mobile Device - Avoiding Excessive Mobility Charges


Important Information and things to consider before you travel:

  • Check with Computing & Communications one week before you travel to see what voice and data packages are available while travelling.
  • Make sure the Blackberry you are using has World Wide coverage. If you are unsure, check with Computing and Communications at 864-4595.
  • Check this website to ensure that there is coverage in the country you are visiting before travelling: . Under travelling International, choose check coverage and rates, select a manufacturer, select your phone, and select a country.
  • The name of the device user should be associated with your number before you travel in case you need to contact Bell Technical Support directly. By contacting Computing and Communications, we can have your name added.

The following Technical Steps should be checked prior to departure to assure smooth operation while travelling. Should you require assistance with any of these please contact Computing & Communications at 864-4595

1. Provide C&C with your SIM card number so we can check with Bell to ensure that this number is associated with the device (this is located by your battery on the back of your device). We can assist with this, if needed.

2. Make sure the device is set to GSM or 3G & 2G , this can be done by choosing options, mobile network/technologies, network mode, press on the scroll ball/track pad, choose GSM or 2G & 3G (depending on the device you are using) and then press the Blackberry button to the left of the scroll ball/track pad and choose save.

3. 3G or 1XEV should show in the upper right hand corner of the device to ensure radio connections are on.

If you still having problems while you are travelling:

For Android users

Power down the device, remove the battery from the device for 30 seconds and then place the battery back in the device. This will do a hard reset.

For BB users

  • Remove the battery from the device for 30 seconds and then place the battery back in the device. This will do a hard reset.


  • Users should turn off the device and remove the SIM card for 60 seconds to reset.
  • Contact Computing & Communications at 864-4595 to let us know what problems you are having with the device. We will then contact Bell Technical Support to ask for assistance
  • If any trouble shooting has to be done with the device, Computing & Communications will then contact the user. The user would then need to call Bell Technical Support at (514) 420-7748 or visit for further assistance. You can also call this number after hours when Computing & Communications employees can't be reached directly.

For further information on Smartphones, you can visit Computing & Communications webpage at:

Questions or concerns?  Please don't hesitate to contact the C&C Service Desk for any questions you may have about your university issued mobile device.  We can be reached at 709-864-4595 or


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