Think before you click or scan

We're not trying to be alarmist, but you could have been infected!

October is Cyber Security Awareness month and C&C is promoting safe practices for today's online lifestyles.

Don't let curiosity or convenience get the better of you, avoid scanning QR codes or clicking links in emails!  Delete all spam!  When web browsing, use trusted bookmarks or type website addresses into your browser directly.  Never share you passwords and never send your password to anyone via email.  Dangers are lurking on the internet.  Don't be a victim of a scam.

While you are here, complete our security checklist:

  • Antivirus software - it's a must have.  Don't have it?  Download and install free McAfee VirusScan from your account
  • Install the Latest Windows or Mac updates

Update common applications including:

  • Java -
  • Flash -
  • Adobe Reader -
  • Chrome -
  • Firefox -

Following these steps will help protect your personal data and save you the headache of getting your computer cleaned.

Click and scan safe!


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