C&C Announce New Guidelines for Bring Your Own Device

Computing and Communications supports "BYOD" or Bring Your Own Device (smartphones, tablets, etc.) on a managed basis, which is intended to balance a user's desire for choice and simplicity against the university's need to protect confidential and private data. Increasingly, members of the university wish to use handheld or other mobile devices to conduct some university business and do things such as read mail, texts, etc.; further, many faculty and staff find it inconvenient to carry two or more devices in an attempt to isolate personal use from using a device for the university's work. While these new guidelines describe the means whereby faculty and staff can use their personal devices, please remember that formal university policies also apply to this situation. For the purposes of the C&C BYOD policy, personal devices will be treated exactly as if they were university devices and each individual wishing to use their own device must sign a usage agreement accepting this provision (the agreement is available at the C&C Service Desk).

The key requirements of the BYOD agreement are:

  • The device should support full content encryption – i.e., data cannot be removed from the device and viewed.
  • The device must be able, using C&C's mobile device management software, to comply with Memorial's password requirements.
  • The owner of the device agrees that in the event the device is lost or stolen C&C is permitted to "remote wipe" the device.

These requirements are supported by all current Blackberry and Apple iDevices; however, to be safe, please contact the C&C Service Desk to check. Some devices that use Google's Android operating system will also conform to these requirements and, therefore, are accepted on Memorial's network; however, it is highly recommended that you check with the Service Desk before considering an Android device. The new Blackberry devices (Z10 and Q10) are supported as "enterprise" devices; however, C&C will not support the feature that allows a user to operate one device as both a personal and a work device. We believe the benefit of this feature to the university does not outweigh the changes we would have to make to our technical environment to support it.

While the above guidelines address the use of personal equipment to access Memorial's data assets, the matter of reimbursement of costs for use is not covered by C&C's guidelines. Nothing in these guidelines should be interpreted to imply that Memorial University will incur any costs for the use of personal devices. Memorial's expense policies and individual unit approval processes should be consulted and understood before using your mobile device for Memorial's purposes.


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