FAQ for Memorial Mobility Support Transition to FUEL Mobile

What is Fuel Mobile?

FUEL Mobile is a mobility management company that provides procurement, reporting and support services for mobile devices. Devices in scope include: cellular phones, smart phones, sim cards, turbo sticks, modems, and pagers. Their services are provided via telephone and email.

How do I contact FUEL Mobile?

Call 1-866-570-0505 or email mun@mywirelessconcierge.ca. We recommend that you add FUEL Mobile to your list of mobile contacts.

What are FUEL Mobile's hours of operation?

Hours of operation are:

Monday-Friday          8:00am to 10:30pm
Saturday                  10:00am to 9:30pm

How will I benefit from this change?

The change will result in several benefits to both end users and to those managing mobility services on behalf of their units, some of these benefits include:

    • 250% increase in available support hours
    • Toll free access anywhere in North America
    • Dedicated team of support staff available with a broad knowledge of the numerous types of devices 
    • Reporting customizations
    • Plan recommendations
    • Easy to read billing statements

When should I contact FUEL Mobile?

You can contact FUEL Mobile concerning anything related to your mobile device or to purchase new mobility devices and accessories.

How will I be affected by the change? What do I need to do?

After the change, mobility users will contact FUEL Mobile directly to report issues, request changes to mobility plans and/or features, purchase new hardware, or receive assistance with mobility services. No action is required by mobility users as a result of this change.

I am responsible for the authorization of mobility requests in my unit, what do I need to know?

After the transition, you will contact FUEL Mobile by phone or email for all mobility related requests and inquiries. You will also have the option to access the FUEL web portal. The portal automatically tracks and updates inventory and status as procurement orders and move/add/change/cancel requests are processed. This is an optional service that allows for quick access to billing information, on-line procurement, etc. Approval and denial of mobility requests received by FUEL Mobile from users can be provided by simply responding to an email generated by FUEL Mobile.

How will I know what my usage is after the change?

Monthly usage reports will be emailed to departments for review. Mobility users can also contact FUEL Mobile for usage inquiries.

How do I request changes or information regarding my mobility service?

Contact FUEL Mobile.

How do I purchase a new mobile device or accessory?

Contact FUEL Mobile. FUEL Mobile will provide you with a list of supported devices and accessories and can also provide recommendations based on your requirements.

Where do I drop off/pick up mobility equipment after the change?

FUEL Mobile will arrange for delivery/pick-up at the location you specify. Mobility users located at Grenfell campus and the Marine Institute will be notified where equipment can be picked up/dropped off in their areas.

Will I lose any functionality? Will my mobile coverage area change?

No. There will be no change in functionality or coverage areas as the current service provider is not changing at this time.

Will my billing statements change?

Yes, there will be improvements to billing statements. The new billing statements from FUEL Mobile will be summarized in an easy to read format.

I am travelling outside North America, can I still call FUEL?

Yes, but long distance charges will apply outside North America. When a mobility travel/roaming plan is requested for a country outside North America FUEL Mobile may provide an alternate, additional contact phone number. This would be provided in cases where there is a major difference in the time zone within the area of travel. This additional phone number would be determined based on the time zone and area of travel to allow the user to contact FUEL Mobile during a more convenient time. The alternate contact can provide technical support and cannot make changes to accounts.

Does FUEL Mobile provide support during holidays and inclement weather?

FUEL Mobile does not close due to weather events. Any user who requires technical support for their device during one of the holiday’s listed below can contact FUEL by email.

FUEL Mobile’s office is closed during the following national holidays:

    1. New Years Day
    2. Good Friday
    3. Victoria Day
    4. Canada Day
    5. National Day (first Monday in August)
    6. Labour Day
    7. Thanksgiving
    8. Remembrance Day
    9. Christmas Day
    10. Boxing Day


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