Travel Plans

When travelling outside the country travel/roaming plans can be used to minimize usage charges. Please contact FUEL Mobile to request the addition of a travel plan or to obtain a list of current packages, plans and pricing.

Travelling Within North America

Travel plans are not required for most mobility users when travelling within Canada. FUEL Mobile can assist in determining if a mobility package provides sufficient coverage based on your requirements. Mobility users who frequently travel to the United States can contact FUEL Mobile and request that a travel plan be permanently added to an account.

Travelling Outside North America

Please note that long distance charges will apply when contacting FUEL Mobile from outside North America. When a mobility travel/roaming plan is requested for a country outside North America, FUEL Mobile may provide an alternate, additional contact phone number. This would be provided in cases where there is a major difference in the time zone within the area of travel. This additional phone number would be determined based on the time zone and area of travel to allow the user to contact FUEL Mobile during a more convenient time. The alternate contact can provide technical support and cannot make changes to accounts.

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