Review of Information Technology Governance at Memorial


Memorial has engaged the consulting firm of KPMG to complete a review of how Information Technology is governed, organized, and resourced at the University and make recommendations for its future direction. The review will begin in mid-September of 2009 and a final report is due in February, 2009.

Project Authority Team:

Kent Decker – Vice-President (Administration and Finance)
Doreen Neville – Associate Vice-President (Academic)
Graham Mowbray – Director of Computing and Communications)
Bruce Gorman – Internal Consultant, Administrative Services Delivery

The Internal Consultant will act as Project Manager for Memorial.

Project Overview:

The consultants will review and make recommendations on the most appropriate information technology governance and organization structure that would:

  • Assume responsibility for developing and implementing an institutional information technology strategic plan.
  • Coordinate the efforts of many different units engaged in information technology activities which impact on Memorial’s strategic objectives.
  • Assume accountability for the use of funds related to the development and implementation of the plan.

The successful consultant will also review the current resources dedicated to information technology services at Memorial to determine if they are appropriate to:

  • Provide the level of service required to support Memorial’s strategic objectives.
  • Establish and adequately support the recommended structure on an ongoing basis.

Scope of Work:

The consultant will be expected to perform the following work:

  • Research and review information technology organization structures utilized in other post-secondary education institutions.
  • Assess the impact that these organization structures have on delivery of information technology services and strategic organizational objectives
  • Review current information technology structures and processes at Memorial
  • Assess the impact that the current structures and processes at Memorial have on delivery of service and contribution to strategic organizational objectives
  • Assess the current resources allocated to Information Technology at Memorial and determine if they are adequate to meet desired objectives
  • Conduct meetings with the various stakeholders to obtain background information and solicit feedback on current structures and potential structures
  • Make recommendations on the most appropriate governance and organization structure that will allow organizational information technology strategic planning and service delivery to be successful
  • Determine the resources required to support the recommendations on a go forward basis.

Stakeholder Consultation:

This review will involve significant stakeholder consultation. KPMG will be conducting consultation sessions with the various faculties, schools, administrative departments, student bodies, and information technology related committees.

There will be an open consultation session on October 13th from 11:00 to 1:00 in ED1014. If you are planning on attending the open consultation session,please refer to the following guide.

Further details will be provided as the review progresses. If you have any questions related to this review, please contact Bruce Gorman at 864-8572 or


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