Getting Your Laptop Encrypted

Step 1: Complete the McAfee Endpoint Encryption (MEE) Account Access form

This form contains important information regarding laptop accounts which is necessary to set up MEE properly.

Step 2: Contact ITS to Purchase a MEE License and to Set up an Encryption Appointment Time

Step 3: Drop off Your Laptop at the Scheduled Appointment Time

When you drop off your laptop PCG may ask you some questions regarding the way you login. PCG will then encrypt your laptop in three stages:

1. A snapshot of the laptop hard drive is made and saved on a secure server. This is to ensure that if there is an error during the process (i.e., failed encryption, or hard drive failure), we can revert the laptop to its original state. This drive image is maintained for two weeks and then deleted. The amount of time it takes for this step depends on the amount of data there is on your laptop; the average time is 1-2 hours.

2. A disk health check is performed on your laptop. This step has two functions: to ensure the disk is in good condition, and to repair any minor errors found on the disk. If we find the hardware is failing during the check we can write the snapshot taken in step 1 to a new hard drive and continue the process. This step usually takes 3-4 hours however, in some newer hardware or for drives that have many errors it can take as long as 20 hours.

3. Encryption software is installed and the disk is encrypted. This process usually takes 2-3 hours, but can take longer depending on the size of the disk. The speed is 40~ GB encrypted per hour, but this can vary slightly depending on CPU and disk speed.

After the encryption has completed, an appointment is made for the user to pick up the laptop.

For more instructions, please see our McAfee User Documentation.


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