Datacenter Sustainment Project - FAQs

1. Would this increased capacity affect my exchange account quota?

Yes, approximately 100 MB of extra storage.

2. How much file storage increase will I get on Voyager?

Not determined at this time.

3. Am I guaranteed to get additional file storage upon request?

There will be a set amount of storage assigned and additional
requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

4. Am I guaranteed to get additional quota upon request?

No, there will be a set quota for each individual.

5. What does it mean when you say “improved delivery time of
disk space”?

One of the features of the new storage is capacity and demand,
which removes the need to deploy new hardware before provisions
for additional space.

6. How often will this ever greening occur?

Typically every 3 to 4 years.

7. What is the probability of reduced service disruptions with
the newly refreshed equipment?

Service disruptions will occur, but this should lesson the likelihood
of the disruptions and duration.

8. Will this impact the current network access setup paths that I currently
have defined to access my files on voyager?



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