Renewing and Opting Into the Foreign Health Insurance Plan

The Internationalization Office is no longer accepting opt-outs or opt-ins to the Foreign Health Insurance for the Winter 2020 semester, as the deadline was Tuesday January 28, 2020 at 5pm NLST.

Your health insurance will automatically be renewed for each semester you are a registered student.

This does not apply to dependents, post docs or visiting scholars/faculty. If you have dependents that require coverage,or you are a post doc or visiting scholar/faculty you will need to opt them/yourself in once every academic year (or every semester in some cases) and pay every semester.

You can opt-in yourself or your dependents to the Foreign Health Insurance Plan by visiting the Internationalization Office and completing an Opt-In form. It is required that this be done before January 28, 2020 5pm NLST (new extended deadline), in order to avail of the full semesters worth of coverage. An opt in form is valid for one academic year (an academic year runs from September- August), unless you do not have a student number and are paying by cash or you indicate otherwise. If you do not have a student number, you must opt in every semester and pay every semester you require coverage. To make payment, visit the Internationalizatino Office and pay cash or with a cheque payable to Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The opt in form is also used if you need to reverse your opt out of the foreign health insurance. Some students may need to do this if they become ineligible for MCP or are not able to extend their MCP coverage. Students who had MCP and transfered to the student union health plan, will want to reverse this opt out and opt back into the foreign health insurance since the student union health plan will not cover them without a valid MCP. 


  • Dependents, Post Doctoral Fellows or Visiting Scholars/Faculty have the option of opting in to the Foreign Health Insurance plan from the IO, but it is not a requirement.
  • For international post docs and visiting scholars, we have prepared this document which outlines your health insurance options.
  • Before you opt in, you should read through this website to understand the coverage you are purchasing. The Foreign Health Insurance costs $206.84 per semester (4 months).

If you have any questions about health insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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