Self-Isolation Accommodation - Meals & Costs

Self-Isolation Accommodations at St. John's Campus are primarily in Macpherson College Dormitories at the cost of $19 per day and the meal options costs $20 per day. These fees will be charged to your student account.  If you wish to self-isolate at Grenfell Campus, please refer to the appropriate resource pages at that campus. 

Meals are provided through local food-service vendours. The cost for two meals per day is $20. If you indicated in the Arrivals Form that you would like to have meal options, please note:

  1. You are entitled to 2 meals per day: Lunch (12-2pm) and Dinner (5-7pm). If you arrive before 12pm, your first meal will be Lunch. If you arrive after 2pm, your first meal will be dinner. If you arrive after 7pm, your first meal will be Lunch the following day.
  2. Each meal has a vegetarian and vegan option. If you indicated any food allergies or sensitivities in the arrivals form, they will be adhered to.

Additionally, there are optional snacks available for purchasing at your request: a large snack pack which costs $25 a week or a one time delivery of a small snack pack which costs $5. The snack option can include basic breakfast items like milk, bread and fruit in addition to regular snack items.

The meal options can be adjusted to suit your dietary restrictions, allergies or sensitivities. At this time we cannot adjust the plan simply based on your preferences (i.e. you do not like particular parts of the meal option).

If you think that the meal options are not suitable for you, these are your options:

  • If you have a valid credit card, you can order food through a food delivery app or if you have a friend in the city, they can bring you meals. Please make sure that all deliveries happen between 12-2pm and 5-7pm.
  • If you do not have a valid credit card and do not like the food on the meal plan, please make arrangements for an alternative meal plan or consider postponing your arrival (if possible) until conditions change.

Meal Schedule

The meal schedule will be updated from time to time with the latest schedule reflected here. 


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