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File No.Date Rec'd DD/MM/YYApplicant TypeSummary of Records RequestedTypeDecisionNo. of PagesResponse Time (business days)Fees
015-01-52-1923/12/19IndividualRecords re ApplicantPersonalPartial access3626$0
015-01-51-1919/12/19IndividualServer settings ITSGeneralAccess denied026$0
002-17-86-1919/12/19IndividualPresident Vianne Timmons employment contract.GeneralPartial access925$0
015-01-50-1919/12/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access2424$0
015-04-03-1919/12/19IndividualCorrespondence among committee members related to Decanal Review Committee Dean of Nursing and Provost.GeneralPartial access37551$0
002-17-85-1912/12/19IndividualCosts re external search for President 2019.GeneralFull disclosure120$0
015-01-49-1910/12/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access1420$0
015-01-48-1910/12/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalFull disclosure1520$0
015-01-47-1910/12/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access9146$0
002-17-84-199/12/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the Registrar's Office re enrolment verification fee.GeneralPartial access12820 $0
015-01-45-196/12/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access3120$0
015-01-44-196/12/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial access1620$0
015-01-43-1929/11/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalNon-existent records010$0
002-17-83-1912/11/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Provost re budget, tuition and fees from Jan. 5 - Nov. 12, 2019.GeneralPartial access17866$0
011-13-01-1907/11/19IndividualFaculty of Engineering's subcommittee on faculty diversity since Jan. 1, 2019, including emails discussing committee business between committee members and/or the Engineering Dean and Associate Deans, and meeting minutes.GeneralPartial access6319$0
007-04-18-1906/11/19IndividualReason audited financial statements take more than one year to produce.GeneralNon-existent records0$0
007-04-19-1906/11/19IndividualExpected release date for March 31, 2019 audited financial statements.GeneralNon-existent records07$0
010-02-09-1923/10/19IndividualInformation from any library, CEP and Faculty Relations personnel who may have been contacted regarding tutoring in the QE II Library.GeneralPartial access1715 $0
007-04-17-1922/10/19IndividualUpdate for specified material on Vice-Presidents Council website, recent reports showing MUN graduate tuition comparison and financial reports for School of Graduate Studies.GeneralFull disclosure612$0
001-12-01-1921/10/19IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalFull disclosure119$0
002-17-80-1911/10/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Provost and VP (Academic) re budget 2015-16.GeneralNon-existent records017$0
012-12-02-1908/10/19BusinessRecords re Applicant.PersonalFull disclosure920$0
010-02-08-1904/10/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalPartial disclosure3433$0
002-17-79-1901/10/19IndividualEmails sent/received by President's Office re Provost's May 17, 2017 CBC appearance.GeneralPartial access117$0
002-17-78-1901/10/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the Provost's Office re Provost's May 17, 2017 CBC appearance.GeneralNon-existent records010$0
002-17-77-1901/10/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the Provost's Office re May 12, 2017 blog post.GeneralPartial access167$0
019-21-03-1901/10/19IndividualEmployees on SAM scale, including name, institution, position number, position title, SAM Band, SAM Step and salary as of 31 Dec. 2018.GeneralFull disclosure110$0
019-21-02-1901/10/19IndividualSAM Scale rates prior to most recent SAM salary readjustment.GeneralFull disclosure110$0
019-22-01-1919/09/19BusinessDocumentation submitted by respondents to Tender Nos. TFM-064-19; TFM-065-19; TFM-066-19; TFM-067-19 and TFM-068-19 at the Sept. 19, 2019 public tender opening, including attendance sheet.GeneralPartial access512 10$0
018-08-01-1919/09/19IndividualFor 2015 - 2019, number of Professor Emeriti nominations received by Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonial and number of Professor Emeriti nominations endorsed by Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonial and subsequently forwarded to the Senate for consideration.GeneralFull disclosure18$0
012-14-01-1919/09/19IndividualGraduation rates available, i.e. the percentage of students who complete their degree in a 4 - 6 year time frame.GeneralFull disclosure15$0
015-01-42-1917/09/19IndividualRecords re Applicant.PersonalFull disclosure2614$0
007-04-16-1916/09/19IndividualPayments to pension plan for solvency deficiency, total solvency deficiency, amount paid by MUN employees for the last 5 fiscal years, and whether changes were made to the pension plan.GeneralPublic domain-10$0
012-13-04-1912/09/19Legal FirmInsurance or certificates of insurance relating to HOK or HOK and Hearn/Fougere Architecture Inc. for design of Core Science Facility Building.GeneralPartial access120$0
012-13-03-1912/09/19Legal FirmUse of 3D modelling associated with the design and construction of Core Science Facility Building.GeneralPartial access20035$0
012-13-02-1912/09/19Legal FirmCeiling heights for the design of Core Science Facility Building and any changes to those ceiling heights.GeneralPartial access7030$0
012-13-01-1912/09/19Legal FirmContracts with HOK or HOK and Hearn/Fougere Architecture Inc. for design of Core Science Facility, including total amount paid and any increase in fees or price of contract.GenearlPartial access24125$0
015-01-41-1910/09/19Individual2018/19 HSS Graduate Student Scholarships and Awards Committee records and exchanges between members of Committee and members of the HSS Dean's Office.GeneralPartial access3920$0
007-04-15-1909/09/19IndividualTotal salaries and benefits for St. John's, Grenfell and Harlow Campuses by year for the fiscal years 2007-2019.GeneralFull disclosure220$0
007-04-14-1909/09/19IndividualGrenfell Campus statistics from fiscal years 2007 to 2019: (1) no. of students: a) from NL; b) outside NL; (2) no. of employees with a breakdown by: a) teachers; b) non-teaching; (3) total salaries and benefits with a breakdown by: a) teachers; b) non-teaching; (4) total tuition revenue; (5) total expenses; and (6) NL Gov. grants. GeneralFull disclosure319$0
007-04-13-1909/09/19IndividualNo. of students; no of employees (breakdown by teachers and non-teaching); total tuition revenue; total expenses and NL Gov. grants for fiscal years 2014 to 2019.GeneralFull disclosure219$0
016-15-01-1926/08/19IndividualSalaries of Primary Healthcare Research Unit staff for 2018 and from Jan. 1 - Aug. 25, 2019.GeneralFull disclosure120$0
020-06-01-1920/08/19IndividualCorrespondence sent to each SAM level employee at all MUN campuses regarding outcome of SAM scale review.GeneralFull disclosure9220$0
002-17-76-1916/08/19IndividualEmails sent/received by specified officials and MUNSU re meetings between 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019.GeneralPartial access16820$0
013-18-01-1926/07/19IndividualCorrespondence written or received by Dr. Daryl Pullman regarding Sequence Bio from March 1 - July 26, 2019.GeneralNon-existent records016$0
001-10-08-1926/07/19IndividualEmails between Dean of Medicine account and Sequence Bioinformatics Inc. from 2014.GeneralNon-existent records010$0
013-18-03-1926/07/19IndividualCorrespondence between Dr. Proton Rahman and Don MacDonald, NLCHI regarding Sequence Bio from March 1 - July 26, 2019.GeneralPartial access1234$0
013-18-02-1926/07/19IndividualCorrespondence between Dr. Daryl Pullman and Angela Power, NLCHI regarding Sequence Bio from March 1 - July 26, 2019.GeneralNon-existent records010$0
002-17-75-1918/07/19IndividualEmails sent/received by specified officials and MUNSU re meetings between 1 May 2018 and 30 April 2019.GeneralPartial access19020$0
002-20-03-1905/07/19IndividualInvoices from Babb Security (Babb Lock & Safe) from Jan. 1, 2010 - July 4, 2019.GeneralPartial access8720$0
019-21-01-1904/07/19IndividualStaff Administrative 1-3 and Senior Office Administrators broken down by dept./name/seniority; and breakdown of interview/position over past 2 years, including applicant names.GeneralFull disclosure217$0
018-05-27-1927/06/19Interest GroupQuestions re campus ban policy.GeneralFull disclosure1519$0
002-17-74-1918/06/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Provost re Canadian Federation of Students and CFS from Dec. 1, 2015 to Sept. 1, 2016.GeneralNon-existent records015$0
002-17-73-1905/06/19IndividualEverything sent and received by Chair of Board of Regents U-Pass Sub-committee, including agendas, meeting minutes, documents and correspondence from Feb. 1-28, 2019.GeneralPartial access1318$0
007-04-12-1928/05/19IndividualNumber of employees, number reduced by attrition and number of new hires.GeneralFull disclosure317$0
007-04-11-1927/05/19IndividualPolicy on outside consulting work by faculty/lecturers.GeneralPublic Domain2$0
007-04-10-1915/05/19IndividualClassroom occupancy rates.GeneralFull disclosure719$0
008-10-02-1915/05/19IndividiualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access78140$0
007-04-09-1913/05/19IndividualInternal audit positions, compensation and reports for the last 24 months.GeneralPartial access4630$0
016-06-07-1906/05/19IndividualCurrent three year teaching contracts for specified academic staff members.GeneralPartial access610$0
007-04-08-1903/05/19IndividualClassroom occupancy rates.GeneralFull disclosure18$0
019-20-02-1902/05/19Legal FirmRecords re Terry Fox Research Institute's Marathon of Hope Cancer Centre Network since Oct. 1, 2018.GeneralPartial access19043$387.50
002-20-02-1925/04/19IndividualEmails between a specified employee and all accounts belonging to from Jan. 1, 2010 to April 25, 2019.GeneralPartial access1020$0
016-12-02-1924/04/19IndividualAcquisition of the GEO Centre, specifically the university's assessment of the facilities, operations and finances, and the business case.GeneralPartial access8919$0
002-17-69-1923/04/19IndividualCosts regarding hire of employees for U-Pass project.GeneralFull disclosure115$0
023-08-01-1918/04/19IndividualName of instructors who taught specified Math courses for the last five semesters commencing Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2018, and number of section taught; number of students enrolled in each course; and number of students who received a passing and failing grade.GeneralFull disclosure210$0
002-17-68-1918/04/19IndividualDocuments, including emails, sent/received by the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) regarding the project conducted by CIAP re tuition research from Oct. 2018 to April 2019.GeneralPartial access7420$0
002-17-67-1918/04/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the Provost re budget, tuition, and fee(s) from Jan. 5 - April 18, 2019 and briefing notes, information notes, documents, agendas, meeting minutes, scenarios and presentations.GeneralPartial access13820$0
023-07-01-1917/04/19IndividualAgreements/contracts with recruitment firms regarding administrator positions from Jan. 1, 2014 to April 17, 2019 and records relating to initial appointment of the President.GeneralPartial access5634$0
023-07-02-1917/04/19IndividualAgreements, covenants, waivers or pledges made by any participant in a search involving any recruitment firm from Jan. 1, 2014 to April 17, 2019; and records relating to the initial appointment of the President.GeneralPartial access22920$0
023-07-03-1917/04/19IndividualPayments made by the University to any firm providing recruitment services since April 12, 2018.GeneralPartial access4820$0
002-17-66-1916/04/19IndividualNames of agents/consultants/recruiters contracted to recruit international students; contracts between university and recruiters from Oct. 25, 2018 to April 16, 2019 and fees charged/paid.GeneralPartial access29115$0
017-02-11-1915/04/19IndividualExpense claims for non-MUN administrator board members since 2017 and clarification of whether members of Board of Regents, excluding MUN administrators, are given monetary compensation for sitting on the board.GeneralPartial access7220$0
002-17-65-1908/04/19IndividualData/statistics re U-Pass vote results.GeneralPublic domain06$0
015-01-39-1905/04/19IndividualEstablishment and operation of HSS Graduate Student Scholarships and Awards Committee for 2018/19 academic year.GeneralPartial access1620$0
002-17-64-1904/04/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the President's Office re The Telegram from March 2 - 7, 2019.GeneralFull disclosure820$0
002-17-63-1903/04/19IndividualVice-President (Research) moving expenses.GeneralFull disclosure19$0
002-17-62-1929/03/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the President's Office re The Muse from March 10 - 29, 2019.GeneralNon-existent records06$0
002-17-61-1929/03/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Assoc. VP (Facilities) Office re The Muse from March 10 - 29, 2019.GeneralPartial access317$0
010-02-04-1925/03/19IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access11620$0
010-02-05-1925/03/19IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access6420$0
002-17-60-1921/03/19IndividualEmails sent/received by the President's Office re The Telegram from March 8 -21, 2019.GeneralFull disclosure49$0
002-17-59-1921/03/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Assoc. VP (Facilities) Office re The Telegram from March 8 - 21, 2019.GeneralPartial access1117$0
002-17-58-1911/03/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Marcomm Manager, communications re The Telegram from March 4 - 6, 2019.GeneralNon-existent records010$0
002-17-57-1906/03/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Assoc. VP (Facilities) Office re The Telegram from March 4 - 6, 2019.GeneralPartial access210$0
002-17-56-1922/02/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Associate VP (Facilities) regarding U-Pass from Dec. 4, 2018 to Jan. 31, 2019.GeneralPartial access49529$0
015-01-38-1922/02/19IndividualEmployment records.PersonalPartial access36740$0
006-08-01-1920/02/19IndividualAcademic-related records.PersonalPartial access111377$0
002-17-55-1918/02/19IndividualEmails sent/received between Deputy Provost and Provost from April 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017.GeneralPartial access5019$0
016-14-01-1907/02/19IndividualToxicity testing results on waste water and air - Henrietta Harvey Building.GeneralNon-existent records02$0
002-17-54-1901/02/19IndividualCosts re UPass campaign from Oct. 25, 2018 to Feb. 1, 2019. GeneralFull disclosure120$0
002-17-53-1930/01/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Copy Editor, Marketing and Communications, re "Pay it Forward" Gazette article.GeneralPartial access2619$0
002-21-01-1925/01/19BusinessTender TFM-038-16 (tender for snow clearing and ice control services St. John's maintenance/service contract for Oct. 15, 2016 to May 15, 2017) - response to low and/or successful bidder.GeneralPartial access820$0
003-22-02-1924/01/19IndividualEmployment records.PersonalPartial access6220$0
004-07-01-1917/01/19IndividualAcademic records.PersonalPartial access8920$0
020-02-06-1915/01/19BusinessUsage report of office supplies in Excel format and total payments for purchases made by Staples Advantage Canada in 2018.GeneralFull disclosure5514$0
002-17-52-1911/01/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Associate VP (Facilities) Office re UPass from Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015.GeneralPartial access6420$0
002-17-51-1904/01/19IndividualEmails sent/received by Provost re 2018-19 budget from Jan. 1, 2018 to Jan. 4, 2019.GeneralPartial access44720$0


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