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Contact to obtain a copy of the response to an ATIPP request. (Note: Personal information requests are noted here for information purposes only; copies of responses are not available.)

File No.Date Rec'd DD/MM/YYApplicant TypeSummary of Records RequestedTypeDecisionNo. of PagesResponse Time (business days)Fees
015-01-26-1728/12/17IndividualApplicant's ATIPP requests records.PersonalPartial access617$0
015-01-23-1713/12/17IndividualApplicant's ATIPP requests records.PersonalPartial access27020$0
002-17-22-1705/12/17IndividualTravel expenses for Dean of Business from 1 Jan. 2012 to 1 July 2017, including supporting documentation.GeneralPartial access130327$0
002-17-21-1704/12/17IndividualCorrespondence between Provost and staff of MarCom Office from Sept. 1-30, 2017.GeneralPartial access17611$0
017-02-05-1704/12/17IndividualSchool of Social Work entry applications regarding minority status since 2014.GeneralFull disclosure613$0
007-04-03-1701/12/17IndividualFees paid to Strategic Concepts Inc. by MUN for the last 10 years.GeneralFull disclosure15$0
016-11-06-1727/11/17BusinessCopies of corrrespondence containing [an email address], "DNA Research Concern" or "from a concerned resident and mother".GeneralPartial access427$0
016-11-04-1727/11/17BusinessCorrespondence produced/received by [named professor] from 1 Jan. 2016 to 31 Dec. 2016 and 1 Sept. 2017 to 24 Nov. 2017 referring to Sequence Bioinformatics Inc., including "sequence", "SB", and "Sequence Bio".GeneralPartial access4337$0
011-10-01-1717/11/17IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access6220$0
002-19-01-1716/11/17IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalNon- existent records020$0
003-19-01-1709/11/17BusinessInformation relating to contracts, agreements and reports for insurance, risk management and actuarial services since 1 Jan. 2012, including claims management and consulting services.GeneralFull disclosure1120$0
011-09-01-1730/10/17IndividualCorrespondence re Applicant.PersonalPartial access2020$0
002-17-20-1720/10/17IndividualAgendas and meeting minutes from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2017 for the following VPC sub-committees: (1) University Conflict of Interest Committee; (2) Employment Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee; and (3) Information Technology Governance Working Group.GeneralPartial access12524$0
003-18-01-17 10/10/17 IndividualPayments made to individuals/groups by University from 1 Sept. 2012 to 31 Aug. 2017 as a result of out-of-court settlements or court rulings arising from statements of claim or small claims, naming Memorial University as a defendant, filed in Supreme Court or Provincial Court. General Full disclosure 1 13$0 
017-02-04-1709/10/17IndividualEnrolment numbers for Grenfell Campus for academic years 2007 - 2017, broken down by faculty, with each year listed separately.GeneralFull disclosure320$0
015-01-17-1729/09/17IndividualTenure-track competition # VPA-SOCI-2016-001 (emails exchanged during hiring process - 1 Oct. 2016 - 28 Feb. 2017).GeneralPartial access3720$0
015-01-18-1729/09/17IndividualDocuments relating to memo submitted by Applicant to Office of Provost on 22 Sept. 2017 and related meetings (Sept. 22-29, 2017)GeneralPartial access2112$0
002-17-19-1725/09/17IndividualAgendas and meeting minutes from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2017 for the following VPC sub-committees: (1) Separately Incorporated Entities; 2)Student Matters Steering Committee; and (3) Enterprise Risk Management.GeneralPartial access4818$0
001-09-01-1720/09/17BusinessPre-qualification submittal, bids and documents filed by Marco relating to tender and re-tender for Core Science Facility, including MUN's evaluations and pre-tender estimates and value engineering.GeneralPartial access111850$0
023-05-05-1719/09/17MediaCourse remissions granted by Dean of Education for faculty members for the calendar year 2016.GeneralPartial access8620$0
016-11-01-1711/09/17BusinessCorrespondence produced by Dr. Kathleen Hodgkinson from 1 Jan. 2017 to 31 Aug. 2017 containing the word "sequence" or "2017.099" - the word "sequence" is not considered responsive unless used to refer to the company Sequence Bio.GeneralPartial access2419$0
002-17-18-1711/09/17IndividualDeans and Directors Committee minutes, agendas and presentations from September 2016 to September 2017.GeneralNon-existent records07$0
002-17-17-1730/08/17IndividualSenior Academic Administrators Group (SAAG) documents from 1 September 2016 to 30 August 2017GeneralPartial access13119$0
002-17-16-1730/08/17IndividualEmails sent/received by Director of Student Life re CACUSS (Canadian Association of College and University Student Services) and NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education from April to August 2017.GeneralPartial access11720$0
002-17-15-1710/08/17IndividualVice-President (Research) Pro Tempore employment contract.GeneralPartial access214$0
002-17-14-1710/08/17IndividualVice-President (Marine Insitute) employment contract.GeneralPartial access714$0
002-17-13-1707/08/17IndividualCorrespondence between Provost and multiple Marcomm staff from April to August 2017.GeneralPartial access57323$0
002-17-12-1731/07/17IndividualCorrespondence between Director of Internationalization and staff of the Provost's Office from April to June 2017.GeneralPartial access12121$0
019-16-02-1731/07/17IndividualInformation regarding specified individuals in the Faculty of Business Administration whose names appear in the latest published "Sunshine List."GeneralPartial access3529$0
002-17-11-1728/07/17IndividualCorrespondence between Provost and Dean of Business from March to July 2017.GeneralPartial access34721$0
019-16-01-1725/07/17IndividualFaculty of Business Administration instructors' names, salary steps, annual salaries, market differentials and length of service.GeneralPartial access35$0
015-04-02-1720/07/17IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access1822$0
002-17-10-1719/07/17IndividualTravel expenses for Director of Student Life from 1 September 2015 to 19 July 2017, including supporting documents.GeneralPartial access13017$0
012-09-01-1714/07/17Interest GroupContracts awarded in excess of $100,000 in 2015/16 and 2016/17 fiscal years.GeneralFull disclosure1128$0
002-17-09-1713/07/17IndividualCorrespondence between Deputy Provost (Students) & Assoc. VP (Academic) and Director of Student Life from 1 April to 13 July 2017.GeneralPartial access28920$0
002-18-01-1711/07/17AcademicProcurement policy, directives, manuals since 2010 re tendering process; specifically, amendments.GeneralFull disclosure10120$0
002-17-08-1704/07/17IndividualDirector of Student Life moving expenses.GeneralFull disclosure15$0
002-17-07-1704/07/17IndividualProvost and VP (Academic) employment contract.GeneralPartial access710$0
023-05-04-1730/06/17IndividualFinal report of review committee for Dean of Education from June 2015 to June 2017.GeneralPartial access2121$0
002-17-06-1721/06/17IndividualCorrespondence between Director of Student Life and Provost from March to June 2017.GeneralPartial access5320$0
002-17-05-1720/06/17IndividualCorrespondence between Director of Student Life and representatives of MUNSU from 1 May to 20 June 2017.GeneralPartial access2414$0
002-17-04-1720/06/17IndividualCorrespondence between Provost & VP (Academic) and MUNSU executives from 1 May to 20 June, 2017.GeneralPartial access520$0
002-17-03-1720/06/17IndividualAssoc. VP (Facilities) employment contract.GeneralPartial access38$0
002-17-02-1720/06/17IndividualDeputy Provost (Students) & Assoc. VP (Academic) employment contract.GeneralPartial access68$0
002-17-01-1720/06/17IndividualDirector of Student Life employment contract.GeneralPartial access47$0
017-02-03-1719/06/17IndividualEmails since 1 February 2017 between the President and either student union representatives or student union BOR representatives regarding the 2017-2018 budget passed by BOR on 11 May 2017.  The student unions to be included are MUNSU, GSU, GCSU and MISU.GeneralPartial access415$0
003-17-01-1713/06/17MediaNumber of admission applications/offers to domestic & international students for math/engineering/business/arts/science programs together with average entrance grades.GeneralFull disclosure219 $0
015-01-16-1701/06/17IndividualResearch-related information.PersonalFull disclosure26$0
017-02-02-1725/05/17IndividualEmails since 1 February 2017 between the Provost and either student union representatives or student union BOR representatives regarding the 2017-2018 budget passed by BOR on 11 May 2017.  The student unions to be included are MUNSU, GSU, GCSU and MISU.GeneralNon-existent records014$0 
017-02-01-1715/05/17IndividualCost of heating/de-freezing Burton's Pond, including required power wattage and cost per watt.GeneralFull disclosure16$0
003-16-01-1712/05/17IndividualCorrespondence between senior MUN officials and MUNSU from August 1, 2016 to March 23, 2017.GeneralPartial access36220$0
015-01-15-1709/05/17IndividualResearch-related information.PersonalFull disclosure210$0
015-04-01-1708/05/17IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access719$0
002-16-01-1701/05/17IndividualCorrespondence re Applicant.PersonalNon-existent records012$0
016-10-01-1721/04/17Interest GroupNumber of full-time, tenured, tenured track and contractual, faculty and sessional appointments, and part-time sessional appointments from 2006-2007 to 2016-2017.GeneralFull disclosure428$0
023-05-01-1719/04/17MediaTravel expenses for President from 1 Jan. 2012 to 19 April 2017, including supporting documentation.GeneralPartial access164162$0
023-05-02-1719/04/17MediaTravel expenses for Provost and VP (Academic) from 1 Jan. 2012 to 19 April 2017, including supporting documentation.GeneralPartial access107042$0 
023-05-03-1719/04/17MediaTravel expenses for Dean of Education from 1 Jan. 2012 to 19 April 2017, including supporting documentation.GeneralPartial access102837$0 
015-01-14-1707/04/17IndividualTenure-track position in named department.GeneralPartial access1020$0
010-02-03-1729/03/17IndividualEmployment records.PersonalPartial access7420$0
006-06-01-1701/03/17IndividualIT Procurement Policy and MUN email addresses.GeneralFull disclosure2725$0
011-06-46-1727/02/17Interest GroupCosts related to contracted external searches from Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2016.GeneralFull disclosure120$0
011-06-45-1727/02/17Interest GroupBattery facility budgeted/actual/ operating costs and occupancy information for 2016-17 and 2017-18.GeneralFull disclosure220$0
011-06-42-1713/02/17Interest GroupCosts related to external contracting-out of legal and investigative services by MUN from Jan. 1 - Dec. 1, 2016, including costs commenced prior to Jan. 1, 2016 but paid subsequent to that date.GeneralFull disclosure120$0
007-05-02-1709/02/17IndividualFunds sent/received by MUN to/from Metrobus or Metrobus employees (former or current) from Jan. 1, 2010 to Feb. 8, 2017.GeneralFull disclosure120$0
015-01-13-1706/02/17IndividualJoint Equity Committee documents: Jan. 2015 - Jan. 2017.GeneralFull disclosure1821$0
019-14-01-1731/01/17IndividualEmployment records.PersonalFull disclosure913$0
007-05-01-1725/01/17IndividualEmails to and from MUN President re Metrobus from Jan. 1, 2016 - Jan. 1, 2017.GeneralFull disclosure5720$0
016-09-01-1724/01/17 IndividualWide-area network contract/information including supplier, network capacity, subsidies from government, etc. GeneralFull disclosure (subject to 3rd party complaints)  5120 $0 
020-02-03-1720/01/17BusinessUsage report of office supplies in Excel format and total payments for purchases made by Staples Advantage Canada in 2016GeneralFull disclosure9020$0
011-06-41-1717/01/17Interest Group Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms completed by Board of Regents members from Jan. 1, 2011 - Jan. 1, 2017GeneralPartial access8940$0


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