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2016 Requests 

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File No.Date Rec'd DD/MM/YYApplicant TypeSummary of Records RequestedTypeDecisionNo. of PagesResponse Time (business days)Fees
011-06-40-1622/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted to Penney Group of Companies from 2010-2016 to date.GeneralFull disclosure 220$0
011-06-39-1622/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted to Ocean Choice International from 2010-2016 to date.GeneralFull disclosure120$0
012-08-01-1622/12/16Interest GroupCosts related to seal found in St. Vincent's, NL and brought to MUN by DFO in summer 2016.GeneralPartial access717$0
011-06-38-166/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted by Memorial University to MGB Professional Services Limited from 2010-2016 to date.GeneralNo responsive records012$0
011-06-37-166/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted by Memorial University to the Cahill Group from 2010-2016 to date.GeneralFull disclosure112$0
011-06-36-166/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted by Memorial University to Plank Marketing and Communications from 2010-2016 to date.GeneralNo responsive records012$0
011-06-35-166/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted by Memorial University to BDO Canada Assurance and Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services from 2010-2016 to date. GeneralNo responsive records012$0
011-06-34-162/12/16Interest GroupCosts and expenditures of work contracted by Memorial University to McInnes Cooper Law Firm from 2010-2016 to date.GeneralFull disclosure114$0
018-05-26-1619/10/16Interest GroupEngineering (undergrad) fee increases from Jan. 2015 to Oct. 2016GeneralPartial access3720$0
018-05-25-1612/10/16Interest GroupWest Pedway Replacement Project: a) contracts awarded; b) budget and estimated expenses; c) call for proposals and companies that applied; and d) correspondence from named individuals regarding project.  *NOTE: Due to the large number of responsive records, a charge may be required to obtain copies of this response, depending upon the chosen media and delivery method.GeneralPartial access3959195$0
011-07-01-165/10/16MediaStudent disciplinary action for academic years 2004/2005 to 2014/2015.GeneralFull disclosure3922$0
011-06-33-1622/09/16Interest GroupSalary increases for current or former MUNFA members who accepted administrative roles since Jan. 1, 2011.GeneralFull disclosure1231$0
011-06-32-1622/09/16Interest GroupCosts of external search for President for 2008-2009, including costs of removal of personal and scholarly effects and relocation of Dr. Kachanoski from 2008-2010.GeneralFull disclosure219$0
011-06-31-1622/09/16Interest GroupCourses Grenfell Academic Staff Members have taught through Distance Education from Winter semester 2010 - present, including number of courses, course names and numbers, academic unit and location of academic unit from which course was offered.GeneralFull disclosure10814$0
011-06-30-1620/09/16Interest GroupCosts of external searches from Jan. 1 - Sept. 20, 2016 conducted by Odgers Berndtson.GeneralFull disclosure116$0
002-14-01-1616/09/16MediaAttachments to an email beween deans on 20 April 2016.GeneralPartial access25$0
025-01-04-1614/09/16IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access 13 20$0 
025-01-03-1614/09/16IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access 1520 $0 
025-01-02-1614/09/16IndividualEmployment-related records.PersonalPartial access 20520 $0
011-06-29-167/09/16Interest Group"Perfect Day Productions" costs and expenditures from Jan. 2011 - Sept. 2016.GPartial access1565$0
002-13-01-165/09/16Legal FirmDocuments re property off Fowlers Road, CBS, owned by Memorial University.GFull disclosure1213$0
019-13-03-162/09/16IndividualCosts re legal defense of Human Rights Complaint.GFull disclosure215$0
019-12-03-1631/08/16IndividualEmail exchange between 2 individuals from January - June 2015.GNo responsive records010$0
019-12-02-1631/08/16IndividualOverdue library notices from QEII Library on 7 May 2015.GNo responsive records020$0
018-05-23-1623/08/16Interest GroupContract and correspondence (MUN, MUN School of Nursing, CNS, WRSN, and Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI)) pertaining to requirement that nursing students purchase ATI Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program.GNo responsive records08$0
018-05-22-1623/08/16Interest GroupCosts related to contracted out external searches between 1 Jan. 2016 and present.GPartial access420$0
018-05-21-1623/08/16Interest GroupDraft of donor agreement.GAccess denied025$0
010-02-02-1619/08/16IndividualCorrespondence from named department referencing individual for past 5 years.PPartial access27053$0
018-05-19-1617/08/16Interest GroupCosts related to adoption of Diligent Boardbooks by Board of Regents and SharePoint software by Memorial administration.GFull disclosure320$0
018-05-17-1617/08/16Interest GroupInternational Student Tuition Attribution Model and related correspondence from Jan. 2014 to July 2016 from specified senior officials.GPartial access720$0
018-05-16-1617/08/16Interest GroupDeans and Directors Committee minutes and agendas from January 2012 to present.GPartial access9330$0
018-05-18-1617/08/16Interest Group A donor agreement and outline of any commitments made by Memorial University in exchange for funding.No responsive records  0$0 
008-07-02-1612/08/16BusinessDicks & Company bid response for Tender TFS-028-16.Full disclosure 37 $0 
018-05-15-1608/08/16Interest GroupGraduate Differential Tuition Fees Committee minutes of meetings and correspondence between members from January 2012 to present.Partial access 237 20 $0 
018-05-14-1608/08/16Interest GroupGraduate Differential Tuition Fees Committee Terms of Reference and composition, proposal template, and a copy of the Graduate Student Special Fee Tuition Attribution Model.GFull disclosure520$0
001-07-01-1622/07/16IndividualEducation records.PRecords previously provided4910$0
020-02-02-1615/07/16BusinessCopy of Staples Advantage bid in response to Tender TFS-028-16. Please provide Schedule B in Excel spreadsheet format.GFull disclosure4820$0
002-12-01-1614/07/16Interest GroupList of companies awarded tenders for toner and copy paper for 2014, 2015 and 2016, including name, contact information and amount paid.GFull disclosure120$0
023-04-01-1624/06/16IndividualFor every academic semester between Fall 2000 and Spring 2015: 1. Sections taught by MUN; by Per-Course Instructors and by Full-Time Instructors; 2. Students taught in each academic unit and 3. Salaries.GFull disclosure17620$0
018-05-13-1622/06/16Interest GroupTuition Framework Committee of VPC proposals, briefing notes, documents, meeting minutes, scenarios, presentations and policies; Terms of Reference and membership; and correspondence re tuition fees.GPartial access14920$0
018-05-12-1622/06/16Interest GroupVPC and sub-committees meeting minutes, reports, agendas and briefing notes from January 2013 to present.GPartial access44030$0
001-06-02-1617/06/16BusinessTender TMI978 - technical response to tender criteria.GPartial access1910$0
001-05-02-1608/06/16MediaRemoval of posters and/or ownership or jurisdiction over light poles between Govt. and university from June 4 to June 7, 2016.GFull disclosure17$0
006-04-02-1601/06/16Interest GroupDocumentation and correspondence since Oct. 30, 2014 related to establishment of a childcare facility at Grenfell Campus and Article 26.31 of current Collective Agreement between MUN and MUNFA.GPartial access 471 40$0 
019-13-02-1625/05/16IndividualCosts associated with "Consultation Report on Accommodations for Students with Hearing Loss (assistive listening devices)" prepared by Dr. Pam Millett, Ph.D, Reg. CASLPO for MUN on Oct. 30/15. GFull disclosure20 $0 
019-13-01-1625/05/16IndividualCosts inccurred by MUN in legal defense of Human Rights Complaint (File 15-18) filed by Applicant, including costs of report completed by McInnes Cooper.GFull disclosure120$0
006-05-01-1624/05/16IndividualStudent education records.PPartial access1220$0
005-02-01-1617/05/16IndividualStanleigh 2013 Review/Report conducted by Offshore Safety & Survival Centre of Marine Institute.GPartial access5519$0
003-13-01-1616/05/16IndividualEmployment-related records.PPartial access3120$0
002-11-01-1612/05/16BusinessTender fax machine number 864-3039 – maintenance reports for 2015-16; decisions re amendments of tenders to go to a single fax number; and a list of all faxes on April 28, 2016 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.GPartial access119$0
007-03-02-1606/05/16IndividualEducation-related information.PNo responsive records04$0
011-06-28-1622/04/16Interest GroupNumber of ASMs, their Faculty/School/Department, and their gender from the St. John's and Grenfell Campus who applied for promotion from Aug. 31, 2005 to Sept. 1, 2015, including promotion decision.GFull disclosure416$0
001-06-01-1622/04/16BusinessTechnical response from bidder detailing how they met the requirements set out by Tender TMI966.GFull disclosure159$0
008-07-01-1613/04/16BusinessDetailed usage report re purchases made from Dicks and Company from Jan. 1, 2014 to Dec. 31, 2015.GFull disclosure1620$0
011-06-27-1613/04/16Interest GroupSearch re Assoc. VP (Grenfell Campus), including all correspondence relating to listing, recommending or selecting candidates for the position.GPartial access3820$0
011-06-26-1613/04/16Interest GroupCosts of 2014 External Review, Visioning Groups, and Panel Reports of Deputy Provost (Students).GFull disclosure18$0
011-06-25-1612/04/16Interest GroupContracts associated with Dr. A. Card's employement at MUN.GPartial access1120$0
015-01-12-1611/04/16IndividualSSHRC visit to MUN on 21 March 2016.GPartial access20099$0
015-01-11-1611/04/16IndividualSSHRC visit to MUN on 5 Nov. 2015GPartial access14699$0
008-06-16-1629/03/16IndividualNumber of sexual harassment complaints filed to Sexual Harasasment Office between Sept. 2010 and March 23, 2016, broken down per year, and whether each complainat led to a formal investigation.GFull disclosure119$0
007-04-02-1628/03/16IndividualSulphur content of Hebron Project.GAccess denied-20$0
007-04-01-1623/03/16IndividualDetailed breakdown by department for 3903 MUN employees for 2015 with comparative figures for the previous 5 years.GFull disclosure230$0
008-06-15-1623/03/16IndividualNumber of student deaths at MUN between Sept. 2011 and March 18, 2016, including date, cause, and whether student was living in residence at the time of death.GFull disclosure120$0
013-15-01-1622/03/16BusinessTender TMI954 - successful bidders make and model number.GFull disclosure18$0
011-06-24-1617/03/16Interest GroupWritten advice provided to President from former Provost and VP Academic from Sept. 1, 2014 to March 17, 2016; and a copy of all contracts associated with employment of former Provost and VP Academic.GPartial access54125$0
011-06-23-1607/03/16Interest GroupNumber and gender of all faculty who applied for promotion from Assoc. Professor to Full Profesor from Sept. 1, 2008 to Sept. 1, 2015 and the final promotion decision.GFull disclosure1019$0
013-12-07-1604/03/16MediaName, job title and total taxable income for 2015 tax year for all MUN employees earning more than $100,000.GFull disclosure2120$0
011-06-22-1623/02/16Interest GroupAll costs related to removal of personal/scholarly effects and relocation of senior positons from Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2015.GFull disclosure220$0
002-09-02-1622/02/16MediaNov. 2009 Report of Presidential Task Force on Aboriginal Initiatives - documents and correspondence between senior officials from Aug. 2009 to Feb. 22, 2016.GPartial access60487$0
002-09-01-1622/02/16MediaGrenfell autonomy and resignation of former Assoc. VP Academic (Grenfell) - correspondence between senior officials.GPartial access10741$0
003-12-01-1617/02/16IndividualEducation-related records.PFull disclosure1517$0
011-06-21-1608/02/16Interest GroupBattery Hotel purchase and related costs for 2015-16 and 2016-17.GFull disclosure120$0
011-06-20-1608/02/16Interest GroupHarlow Campus budget and expenditures for fiscal years 2014-15, including salary breakdowns.GPartial access120$0
011-06-19-1608/02/16Interest GroupSenior administrative costs re allowances and benefits.GFull disclosure520$0
011-06-18-1608/02/16Interest GroupBudgeted costs for review of Co-operative Education.GFull disclosure120$0
008-06-14-1605/02/2016IndividualCopies of all faculty and staff Alcohol Request forms received by MUN's Liquor Services office between Sept. 2015 and 1 Feb. 2016.GFull disclosure2520$0
013-12-06-1604/02/16MediaEmployees earning more than $100,000, including salary and taxable benefits - a breakdown of people in teaching positions and how many are in other positions; the total number of people on payroll and the same information for each year since 2005.GFull disclosure 138 $0 
011-06-17-1604/02/16Interest GroupOperating costs of senior administrative offices, including breakdown of positions and corresponding salaries for each employeee for fiscal year 2014-15.GFull disclosure1539$0
011-06-16-1604/02/16Interest GroupBudget and expenditures for Office of Research for fiscal years 2004-05; 2010-11 and 2014-15, including breakdown of the positions and corresponding salaries.GFull disclosure439$0
011-06-15-1601/02/16Interest GroupBudget and expenditures for Office of Public Engagement for fiscal years 2004-05; 2010-11; and 2014-15, including remuneration for each occupied position.GFull disclosure238$0
011-06-14-1601/02/16Interest GroupBudget and expenditures for MarCom for fiscal years 2004-05; 2010-11; and 2014-15, including remuneration for each occupied position.GFull disclosure1238$0
011-06-13-1601/02/16Interest GroupBudget and expenditures for DELTS for fiscal years 2004-05; 2010-11; and 2014-15, including remuneration for each occupied position.GFull disclosure1640$0
011-06-12-1628/01/16Interest GroupDuties and responsibilities of Director, Associate Directors and Managers of Human Resources.GFull disclosure2020$0
011-06-11-1628/01/16Interest GroupTravel and hosting budgets of Senior Administrative Management personnel during 2014-2015.GFull disclosure820$0
011-06-10-16 28/01/16Interest GroupManagement Professional Scale (MPS) for 2004-2005; 2010-2011 and 2014-2015.Full disclosure  5338 $0 
011-06-09-1628/01/16Interest GroupSenior Administrative Management (SAM) Pay Scale for 2004-2005; 2010-2011 and 2014-2015.GFull disclosure1738$0
019-12-01-1625/01/16IndividualLibrary records.PFull disclosure15920$0
011-06-08-1622/01/16Interest GroupCosts of contracted out external searches for senior positions by MUN from Jan. 1, 2008 to Dec. 31, 2015.GFull disclosure120$0
011-06-07-1622/01/16Interest GroupExternal legal/investigative contracting out costs by MUN from Jan. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2015.GFull disclosure120$0
011-06-06-1622/01/16Interest GroupCosts of Co-op Education Administrative Review in Nov. 2013.GFull disclosure17$0
011-06-05-1619/01/16Interest GroupExpenditures of Board of Regents meeting at Grenfell Campus in May 2015, including expenditures for each regent.GPartial access23219$0
009-01-04-1619/01/16Individual"National Survey of Student Engagement" results for2014.GFull disclosure110$0
009-01-03-1619/01/16Individual"Graduating Survey" results for 2008-2015.GFull disclosure120$0
009-01-02-1619/01/16IndividualFirst Year Experience Survey results for 2012-2015.GFull disclosure520$0
009-01-01-1619/01/16IndividualDropout rate of MUN students for 2005-2015GFull disclosure120$0
018-05-11-1614/01/16Interest GroupRecords from MUN Co-op about Small Enterprise Co-operative Placement Assistance Program since inception in 1994.GFull disclosure1919$0
011-06-03-2614/01/16Interest GroupEmployment status, remuneration, position titles, and terms and conditions of employment of 2 staff and 2 former staff.GFull disclosure3341$0
020-02-01-1608/01/16BusinessUsage report of items, contract and non-contract, purchased in 2015.GFull disclosure120$0


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