The (new) BA is better

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences recently completed a review of the Bachelor of Arts core requirements which were last updated in 1997. As a result of an intensive two-year process and extensive consultations with students and faculty, the recommendations for revision were approved by the Senate of Memorial University on January 13, 2015.

The revisions include:

  • Replacing the humanities and social sciences requirements with a breadth of knowledge requirement that will provide students with the opportunity to choose exposure to a wide variety of ideas, methods and course content
  • Replacing the research and writing requirement with a focused critical reading and writing (CRW) requirement to ensure students obtain foundational, university-level reading and writing skills
  • Introducing a quantitative reasoning (QR) requirement designed to ensure students develop foundational knowledge and skills in numeracy, quantitative analysis, and logical reasoning
  • Adjusting the second language requirement to become a language study (LS) requirement designed to ensure students develop knowledge of a structure of a language other than English, and to foster awareness of the inherent link between language and cultural literacy. In recognition of the growing internationalization of Memorial University, the revised requirement will exempt student who complete English as a Second Language courses.

Students who are already enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have the option of following the old requirements or opting to follow the new ones. All students entering Memorial in the fall of 2015 will be required to follow the new requirements. Students will still require 40 courses or 120 credit hours to graduate.

An illustrated summary of the changes can be viewed in the BA core illustration.

These changes have been made with the overall goal of improving the Bachelor of Arts for students - ultimately students will find the new requirements easier to understand and fulfill, therefore increasing their ability to complete their program of study on time. These enhancements to the core curriculum will address student concerns regarding overly complicated, imprecise and outmoded requirements.

We know change can be difficult. All students are encouraged to seek guidance from their advisors to clarify what these changes mean for them. Please take the time to read the Q&As and then feel free to seek advice from any or all of the following:


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