Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a systematic and detailed process of analysis and valuing of job content that determines the relative contribution of a position within an organization. At Memorial, job evaluation is a comparison of the key responsibilities and related factors of a position, considering the relative value of the position within the university. This comprehensive analysis allows positions to be assigned to a pay scale based on this contribution to the university as a whole. There are an assortment of factors considered objectively and consistently to evaluate all staff positions including all bargaining unit employees, non-bargaining employees, management and professional employees and senior administrative management positions.

In the early 1990’s the Aiken Plan was implemented as the job evaluation tool for all staff positions at Memorial. At that time a project team was formed with representation from Human Resources and all staff stakeholder groups on campus. Over the course of three years all employees at the university submitted job fact sheets for rating by the project team. This work included the development of benchmark positions for many positions across campus. These bench positions are the foundation of our current system today and ensure consistency in application of the plan.


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