Job Evaluation Process

1. The Job Fact Sheet
The first step in any job evaluation process is for the evaluator to get a good understanding of the job. This is done through a formal, written description of the position (i.e. an updated Job Fact Sheet). Other information may also be gathered through an information gathering process with the incumbent, the supervisor and/or the dean/department head/designee. As the Job Fact Sheet is also used by the institution for other human resource processes, it is important that the Job Fact Sheet contain sufficient detail.
It is important to remember that some of the fundamental principles of job evaluation are to:

  • Evaluate the position and not the person, their performance or individual qualifications (i.e. skill sets, experience, education, etc),
  • Determine the relationship of relative job worth (internal equity)

2. The Evaluation Process
The Job Fact Sheet is sent to Human Resources for evaluation under Memorial University’s job evaluation plan. The evaluator, who is generally a member or members of the Human Resources Department, undertakes the following steps in making his/her evaluation:

  • The evaluator reviews the Job Fact Sheet and organization chart that has been submitted.
  • If there is an incumbent in the position, the evaluator may schedule time to meet with the incumbent, the supervisor and/or the department head/designee, to review the position.
  • The evaluator researches comparators and reviews benchmarks to determine where the position under review is similar or different, then evaluates the position.
  • The evaluation outcome is communicated to the incumbent, the supervisor and/or the department head/designee.


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