Exciting academic changes are happening in the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation! We're sure you have questions, so check out our list of answers, and if we've missed something, let us know. 

What undergraduate programs are offered by the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR)?

HKR offers four undergraduate degree programs. Three programs are course based, with no co-operative education components: the Bachelor of Kinesiology, the Bachelor of Physical Education and the Bachelor of Recreation. For student seeking an undergraduate experience with co-operative education, the School offers a Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Recreation Co-operative (BHKRC).

Will the BHKRC be the only co-operative education option going forward?


Can I focus my studies within the BHKRC?

Yes. Students who pursue a BHKRC can opt to customize their studies to focus on one of five pathways: community recreation, health promotion, kinesiology, physical education or therapeutic recreation. Each pathway is designed to meet requirements for continued pursuit of specific career paths.

I am a current HKR student, can I switch to the new degree?

Possibly. For students currently enrolled in the early years of an HKR degree, it may be possible to move to the new BHKRC. Please contact the School's Academic Program Officer for more information.

Can students transfer to the new program from other post-secondary institutions? 

Yes. You can apply for admission to the School. Please note the BHKRC program has a competitive admission process and a limited number of seats. 

Will any courses be offered during the summer semester for BKIN, BPE and BREC students?

Courses with summer activity components will be offered during summer intersession. The remainder of courses for the BKIN, BPE and BREC degrees will be offered over fall and winter semesters.

Where can I view the courses I will be taking over the duration of my program?

Degree maps have been created to provide visual examples of how typical programs will be timetabled. Students with questions about course sequencing should reference the degree audit forms and seek personalized academic advice.

What new courses are being offered?

HKR 2500: Diversity and inclusion is a new course that will be mandatory for all programs.

HKR 2100: Introduction to Organization and Administration will be required for the BPE and BREC degrees.

What changes are there for honours requirements?

Students completing any HKR honours degree will be required to take both HKR 4605 and HKR 4610.

Please note: Students following current or past calendar regulation will be considered for honours designation with HKR 4610 only. Students will be required to meet the averages as designated in the calendar.

I need more advice, who can help me?

Students needing academic advice are encouraged to contact the School’s Academic Program Officer.


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