Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) Application

A MUN Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) is required for all activities (research and teaching) that involve the use or manipulation of ionizing radiation which are:

  • Conducted on University premises, or in a building or location administered by or under the control of the University,
  • Undertaken by University personnel (staff or students), or
  • Funded through University-administered funding.

Completing the forms in Mac OSX

OSX by default uses the application ‘Preview’ to render forms instead of Acrobat Reader. ‘Preview’ does not support PDF forms, therefore will not work while being used in this program.

  1. Install the most recent version of Adobe Reader (http://get.adobe.com/reader).
  2. Save the form to your local drive on your own computer and note the location of the saved file. (ex. Documents).
  3. Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro/Reader application.
  4. On the Acrobat Reader menu, go to File->Open. Open the file from the location in which you saved it. The form will not work if you simply double-click it, unless Acrobat/Reader is already your default PDF viewer.
  5. Complete the form and save the changes before emailing.

Completing the forms in Windows

The default browsers for downloading these forms are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome users may need to follow the steps outlined in the "note" below.

If Adobe Acrobat Pro is not already installed, download and install the most recent version of Adobe Reader (http://get.adobe.com/reader).
Click the file link to automatically download the PDF.

NOTE: if the following screen appears after clicking the document link, and the PDF does not load...

Click on the "save as" icon (indicated by the red arrow) and save the document to you computer.


New Applicants/Renewals

The following form is available to researchers who need to obtain a new Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) or renew an existing Permit. Instruction for completion are provided within each document.

Use of electronic signatures is highly recommended.

Please forward completed application packages via email to bso@mun.ca (Simply save the pdf with electronic signatures, and email the file to the BSO. Printing hard copy originals and forwarding of paper applications or scanned copies is discouraged).

Only current versions of the application form will be accepted (current version is 2.1) (older versions will be returned to the applicant for re-submission).

Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) Application form 2016 (Version 2.1 fillable PDF)


Current Radioisotope User Permit Holders

For current Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) holders who intend to modify or change aspects of their research with ionizing radiation (eg. change in procedures, radioisotopes, locations, etc.), an amendment to their Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) must be approved by the URSC.

Radioisotope User Permit (RUP) amendment request forms are available on HSMS>Documentation. Please forward the completed application via email to rso@mun.ca (hard copy originals are not required and forwarding of paper applications is discouraged).

Only current versions of the amendment form will be accepted (current version is v3.0) (older versions will be returned to the applicant for re-submission).



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