Will there be Instructing Labs access to electronic MSDS?

  • Yes, Chemical Safety system is a Web based system. Options being considered will make MSDS available from this system over the web. We can also explore options for exporting to a CD, folder, etc. to make available if needed.

Does the system account for inventory locking when updating?

  •  System accounts for locking when updating inventory and that multiple users can view inventory at once.

What happens if Stores stock is 0?
Does the system allow back orders?

  • System can be configured to allow for order prompt emails by setting up minimum inventory levels.
  • Decision point:
  • The system by default will not allow a user to place an order when inventory is 0, but can be customized to allow for order to be placed on back order.

How will Kits show in catalogue – by kit; by individual chemical?

  • Decision point: the thought is that we will record at kit level and attach multiple CAS# -we will need to follow up with On Site Systems on possible customization to account for this and this will depend on if and how we use a third party Electronic MSDS vendor.

Can the system generate labels/signage for WHMIS/workplace labels?

  • On Site Systems indicated that reports could be configured to produce labels and placards; report generation is part of the maintenance contract and we can customize existing reports and generate new ones as required. This functionality may also be made available through a third party Electronic MSDS system

Potential procurement customization? – direct ship radio button; email vendor directly; – receive against electronic requisition – enter once and update inventory as received – attach quotes.

  • On Site Systems indicate that they can accommodate requirements by customizing the system. Core project team is conducting workshops to review and customize and Lab Safety Committee to be engaged to validate functionality. In addition, pilot testing will be conducted to review and validate system functionality.

Is there a chemical inventory import option for the system?

  • On Site Systems indicated that there are several options. We are looking to fine tune excel template for On Site Systems to import inventory to the system. We may need to gather further information from labs to accommodate this option. Every effort will be made to use the information that Labs have already provided the Department of Health and Safety.

What hardware and equipment is required?

  • To be reviewed on lab by lab basis with input from PI and lab safety committee.

Barcoding and scanning inventory in the lab? How to record various container sizes?

  • Decision point: barcoding/scanning to be evaluated on a lab by lab basis; possible synergies to be explored with sharing equipment.
  •  Decision point: recording of various container sizes in inventory to be determined.

How will we record the use of chemicals to generate a different compound? How will these be labelled?

  • Decision Point: proposed to use worst case scenario with individual chemical – full container – standing inventory item with update on increase; process development required.

How does disposal and archive work in the system?

  • User chooses to dispose of inventory; inventory then appears in disposed category – you can reverse back to display in inventory; by default system is setup on client/administrative end for administrator to move from disposed category to archive; On Site Systems indicated that we can configure this component to automatically move based on triggers.

How does system account for disposal cost? And when bottles are used? Surplus chemicals? Waste Management?

  • Disposal cost/Waste tracking is not in scope for phase one of the project- will be addressed in phase 2.
  • Bottle usage proposed to be worst case scenario – update when not being refilled/zero or introducing higher volume.
  • Surplus inventory will be recorded as live inventory in the system

We need Stores Chemical page to list specific manufacturer on front page.

  • We have added this to the existing log of changes required; further tweaking to be identified as system is configured and tested.

What will Stores Stock?

  • Stores will stock the same inventory as it does today.

How does the system account for multiple people working out of one room?

  • System is configured by permit where workers and labs are attached to a permit. Users will have access to permit/PI/lab/inventory that they are attached to.

Vendor catalogue number is required for special order screen.

  • This has been added to the existing implementation log for system adjustment.
  • Further items to be recorded, reviewed and decided upon during configuration and pilot testing

How will we account for Medicine orders received through Eastern Health.

  • Decision point: The current process could still be used and electronic requisitioning could be used to control receiving to system – to be investigated.

What happens if system is unavailable – process for accessing inventory?

  • Service Level Agreement is that system will be made available again in 12 hours in case of server failure. Computer room does have a backup generator for power outages.



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