Students! Get engaged with the province's movers and shakers!

Who says you can't get engaged on the first date?

We're playing match maker, but instead of sparking romance, we're helping Memorial students network with some of the most influential and exciting people in this province - from business, arts, health, not-for-profits, and governments. This is your chance - ask a question, share your ideas, and make a connection!

The catch? You've got 15 minutes to do it.

Who's invited: All Memorial students
When: 12:00-3:00pm, Friday, February 13th, 2015
Where: The Breezeway

Register early to secure your spot, as space is limited. Registration closes on Wednesday, February 11th.

Students are expected to arrive at 12:00pm to sign up with the leaders you want to meet with. The "speed dates" with the leaders begin at 1:00pm.

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If you have any questions, please contact Amy Jones at or 864-6115.

Local Leaders 

Arts and Culture

John Devereaux, Creative Director, Perfect Day Canada
Mr. Devereaux does design work with various groups throughout Memorial: MarComm, The Harris Centre, Public Engagement, Alumni, Research, etc. Getting to know the students, and what they're looking for in the communications from Memorial, will help his company to keep the design work sharp, efficient and relevant to students. Also, they're always looking to help people with their ideas and collaborate with them to make their projects come to life.

Kathie Hicks, Spirit of Newfoundland 

Jane Severs, Executive Director, Association of Heritage Industries 
AHI is an umbrella organization of provincial heritage groups, encompassing museums, archives, archaeology, genealogy, built and intangible heritage, and more. Collectively, AHI represents more than 2,000 organizations, institutions, and individuals involved in heritage activity throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Their job? To promote the stewardship and appropriate development of heritage resources, raise awareness of the value of those resources, seek a greater level of support for heritage industries throughout the province, and assist in the development of policies and measures to support them. Interested in learning about careers in heritage, research/project opportunities, potential partnerships and funding, or how and where to volunteer? They can help.

Sarah Smellie, Executive Director, The St. John's International Women's Film Festival 
Ms. Smellie was the St. John's International Women's Film Festival’s Communications Manager for three years before taking over as the Executive Director. Before her time at the Festival, Sarah was an award-winning journalist and Associate Editor at The Scope magazine. Her organization has hired students through various Memorial programs, has hired students to work during the summer, and is interested in involving students in volunteer opportunities.


Elizabeth (Libby) Chaulk, Associate Vice President of Student Services, College of the North Atlantic (CNA)
CNA prepares the people of the province to become self-sufficient contributors to social and economic development. It incorporates a Service Learning method into teaching and learning which combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful service. It is committed to promoting a research and innovation culture. CNA is also connected to communities throughout the province and partners with MUN to develop the labour market and knowledge base of NL.

Susan Murray, Senior Education Officer - Human Resources, NL English School District
Ms. Murray has over 20 years of practice and progressive responsibility in her field. At the NL English School District, she notes that the majority of their 8000 plus teachers are alumni of Memorial! They facilitate teacher placements and internships so new teachers can experience their learning in action. They also partner with various faculties for professional learning opportunities for current staff and students and support graduate research.


Steve Bonnell, Senior Associate with AMEC Environment & Infrastructure
Mr. Bonnell leads the company’s Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Affairs practice in NL. Provincially, AMEC employs professional and technical personnel, recent graduates, and work term students in environmental engineering, assessment and planning, as well as other positions related to physical, biological and social sciences. Senior AMEC personnel are involved in post-secondary lecturing and other tech-transfer and collaborative opportunities.

Ted Lomond, Executive Director, Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association (NEIA)
NEIA hosts research-matching events, organizers industry mixers open to students, offers complimentary information / training sessions on a variety of topics available to students, offers an informative newsletter.

Mark Shrimpton, Principal, Socio-Economic Services, and National Service Area Lead, Socio-economic Services, Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Stantec is the largest consulting company in Atlantic Canada, and is also the most broadly based, including engineering, architecture, geotechnical, environmental and socio-economic services. They do research and development and are involved in many facets of the community. Stantec has broad base of challenging opportunities during NLs economic boom.

Stephanie Nicholl, Coordinator, Atlantic Program and Outreach, World Wildlife Fund
Through their offices, coast to coast to coast, WWF-Canada focuses on the environmental issues facing our oceans and the livelihoods dependant on them. WWF periodically offers work placements and volunteer opportunities that engage students and student research, which will help build a legacy in Canada for the future of our oceans. By collaborating and opening discussion channels with students, they hope to develop creative solutions for ocean conservation.

Lynnann Winsor, Director of Water and Wastewater, City of St. John's
Ms. Winsor is a civil engineer who is responsible for drinking water and wastewater in the St. John's region. She is also a past president and director with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association.
The city has various opportunities for students, including volunteer opportunities, work placements/ co-ops/ internships, course project opportunities and community outreach. They also have a policy whereby they want people 18 to 35 on their Council appointed committees.


The Honourable Madam Justice Gillian D. Butler, Justice, Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, Trial Division (General)
Justice Butler has been a federally appointed Supreme Court Justice since 2007 and has a keen interest in public education and outreach. In general, it is important for all citizens to appreciate that the application of the law in a fair and impartial manner by an independent judiciary is the hallmark of any democracy. Justice Butler can explain how the administration of justice has evolved, the challenges currently facing the courts, and how students interested in a career in the law can best prepare themselves through course selection, volunteer and employment opportunities.

Carol Anne Furlong, President, Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees
NAPE is the largest Union in the province representing approximately 30,000 workers in the public and private sectors. It has offices in St. John’s, Grand Falls-Windsor and Corner Brook. Newfoundland and Labrador has one of the highest unionized work forces in Canada. Ms. Furlong is an alumnus of MUN with Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees.

Corporal Tracy Edwards, Federal Reviewer, Criminal Operations "B" Division, RCMP
The safety and security of all Canadians is vitally important to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Officer Hardy ensures her team of professional employees is given the necessary resources to allow all residents of the province, including students, the ability to feel and be safe. Her organization works daily with community partners, such as student bodies and councils, to seek information on how to best achieve policing goals. Conversely students from post-secondary institutions often seek out careers within the RCMP, which strives daily to share the most up to date recruiting information possible.

Julia Mullaley, Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet, Government of NL
There are many ways in which students and student organizations may learn about and contribute to the work of government and the public service including summer employment opportunities; work term employment; graduate placement opportunities; and direct input into public policy decisions as departments and agencies engage the individual citizens and organizations during our policy and program development process.


Laura McDonald, Coordinator, Volunteer Resources with Eastern Health
Are you interested in the health care field? Ms. McDonald is looking forward to talking about some of the opportunities that her organization has to offer you. Some examples include, volunteering, job shadowing, student placements and student employment. Whether you’re exploring a career in medicine or education, or just looking at different options, many different options and opportunities await you at Eastern Health.

Mike Doyle, Director of the Department of Research with Eastern Health, and Clinical Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Doyle’s department has a staff of research scientists and research analysts who undertake program and service evaluations. The research produced by the Department is used to inform and influence the delivery of programs, services and policy. Graduate students have been employed and/or completed workterms in this department, while funding may potentially be available for students from internal and external sources.


Ron Taylor, CEO, and Dyanna McCarthy, Marketing and Business Development Coordinator, NL Association of Technology Industries
Mr. Ron Taylor and Ms. Dyanna McCarthy work at NATI, an organization which represents Newfoundland and Labrador’s advanced technology sector. They are interested in meeting with students to discuss the technology sector and the opportunities available in the province, as keeping skilled labour in NL is a priority of NATI’s.

Dan Brake, CEO EMSAT Corporation
EMSAT has worked with students in a number of capacities in the past. Three of the four members of their technical team were hired following student placements. In addition they have supported research projects through NSERC and RDC supported initiatives with the Computer Science and Engineering faculties. They have also supported students studying international marketing by being their case study.


Neil Dawe, Owner and President, Tract Consulting
Tract focuses on sustainable land use planning and the application of smart growth principles to how we develop the land. They work with landscape architects, planners, engineers and architects. There is potential for students to volunteer to support information collection or support many of the local groups, communities and agencies with whom they often work. They sometimes hire students if work volume permits.

Bernard Greene, Director, NL New Venture Gateway, Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University
The NL New Venture Gateway (Gateway), is an outreach initiative that provides investment readiness and investor partnering services to assist innovative, high-growth firms to achieve their growth potential. Gateway works with clients – entrepreneurs committed to developing or expanding innovation-driven, industry-leading companies – to position them to attract and secure investment. Part of Gateway’s focus is to assist in improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Province, which includes helping to build and enhance Memorial’s entrepreneurial capacity.

Nancy Healey, Chief Executive Officer, St. John’s Board of Trade
In 2008, Ms. Healey was appointed the CEO of the Board of Trade, which is the largest business organization in the province representing close to 900 companies. Labour market is the number one issue facing the members of the Board, as our aging demographics, skills gaps and high demands due to major projects affect members recruitment and retention activities. The Board wants to better engage with students to help address the challenges which face our booming economy, and usually hires 1-2 work term students per year.

Carol Osmond, Senior Advisor of Advocacy and Member Relations, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Newfoundland & Labrador
At Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters their goal is to grow and diversify our economy by helping local manufacturers and exporters compete in the global market place. Among other things, they deliver training and mentoring; organize conferences and other events; and advocate at the provincial and national levels on critical policy issues impacting manufacturers and exporters. They are involved in areas such as manufacturing productivity (eg. LEAN); technology assessment and adoption; innovation; labour market issues; supply chain and procurement; economic and rural development/diversification, etc. Through their association there are opportunities to do research, including applied research with industry, as well as on policy-related issues; volunteer (eg. event planning and coordination); and work placements. If you have an idea, come talk to them!

Oil and Gas

Sean Power, Chair, Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association
Noia is the largest offshore oil & gas industry association in Canada, representing over 650 member companies from Atlantic Canada and around the world. Noia’s core members provide products and services for the petroleum industry and associate members represent operators, trade associations, educational institutions and government bodies. Sean is a seasoned, strategic business leader with 30 years experience dealing with multinational corporations and leading award-winning strategies for businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador. As incoming Chair of Noia (effective February 4, 2015) and Vice-President, Business Development with DFB Group, Sean will share his extensive knowledge and experience with students interested in opportunities in the province’s oil & gas industry.

Margaret Allan, Regulatory Affairs and Administration Manager, Husky Energy
Ms. Allan is responsible for public affairs, diversity, HR, industrial benefits and office services. Prior to joining Husky Energy in 2000, Margaret worked for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in a number of senior management and executive positions in the economic development sector. Husky Energy offer competitive work term placements in engineering and business, and prides itself on the experiences students have while with Husky. Apart from excellent experience in their field and work experience, students may be able to participate in training programs and may have opportunities to volunteer with some of their many community partners.

Social Justice

Bruce Pearce, Community Development Worker, End Homelessness St. John's
End Homelessness St. John's brings together governments, community, business, academia, faith organizations, frontline service providers, and people who have experienced homelessness to implement a plan to prevent, reduce & end homelessness in St. John’s. There are many exciting opportunities for post-secondary students, educators and researchers to become part of this collective effort. Working  with members, they develop innovative supportive housing, pioneer new approaches in designing social services & programs, develop social enterprises that offer employment & social engagement, and conduct research & evaluation to mobilize the knowledge required to end homelessness in our community.

Elayne Greeley, Collaborative Facilitator/Partnership Broker, Community Career and Employment Partnership
This collaboration encompasses community agencies who on the Avalon who deliver employment services. The CCEPP connects with the provinces Department of Advanced Education and Skills and the Poverty Reduction Strategy as barriers to education and employment are the key issues. Academic opportunities can be advanced in two ways, by participating is a component of our collaborative activities or by connecting and inquiring about our community partners and their specific activities.

Tammy Davis, Executive Director, United Way of Newfoundland & Labrador
United Way has been operating in our province just since 2005, but in that time has invested millions in the social services sector. At this point in our development, we are looking for increased engagement with post-secondary students as we work to launch a Youth Community Investment Fund (funding available to youth/student led groups/activities with funding decisions made by youth as well). There are also opportunities for research projects and course work projects to help guide our work.

Rob McLennan, Director of Employment Services, Stella's Circle
Stella’s Circle offers a number of opportunities for the Memorial University community to become engaged in the programs and services offered, including work term placement and collaborative research and evaluation opportunities. One particular avenue of interest focuses on partnership opportunities in our Social Enterprise programming, as part of our employment and education services.





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