Topics and Main Presenters

The Harris Centre welcomes your suggestions for future "Memorial Presents" sessions.

However, while the number of possible public policy topics of interest to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians is limitless, the Harris Centre's resources are not. Therefore, the Harris Centre will concentrate on those topics which satisfy the following criteria:

  • Importance to regional policy and development:How important is the suggested topic in increasing the viability of Newfoundland and Labrador?
  • Interest on the part of the public: What is the level of public interest in the topic?
  • Expertise at Memorial University: Is there someone at Memorial who has undertaken research or has studied the issue? Is this person willing and available to serve as a main presenter?
  • Expertise in the community: Are there persons in the community who have the expertise, experience and ability to serve as panelists?
  • Other factors: There may be other factors which will affect the decision to proceed or not with a topic, including whether a similar topic has been addressed recently by the Harris Centre or other organization, whether the topic is better suited to another group, etc.

Suggestions will be reviewed by a committee at the Harris Centre, who will have the final say as to which sessions will eventually be offered.

Invitations are invited for suggestions dealing with (1) a topic but no main presenter, (2) a main presenter but no specific topic, or (3) both a specific topic and main presenter.

If you wish to recommend a topic and/or main presenter, pleasesend us an e-mail.


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