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Community Revitalization Through Reinvention  (Synergy Session, May 17, 2018)

A Risky Business: How Canada Manages Threats to Critical Infrastructure (Synergy Session, November 7, 2017)

How do we Teach and Learn Innovation?(Synergy Session, October 6, 2017) 

How Memorial Actually Transfers Knowledge to the NL Economy (Synergy Session, September 21, 2017)


What Can We Learn from Israel's Approach to Innovation? (Synergy Session, September 15, 2017, video)

Are Prisons Our New Asylums? Inmates with Mental Health Issues and the Role of Segregation 

(Synergy Session, March 27, 2017, Video)

Barriers to Gender Equity: A New Look at Women's Employment Policies and Programs
(Synergy Session, March 27, 2017, Video)

Most Roads Lead to Rome, But Some Roads Lead to Lab City: Spatially Differentiated Paths to Economic Development
(Synergy Session, March 16, 2017, Video)

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Introducing a Time Dimension
(Synergy Session, November 17, 2016, Video)

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Diversification During Times of Crisis: Challenges & Opportunities
(Synergy Session, June 14, 2016, Video)

Community Treatment Orders in Newfoundland and Labrador: Who Is Protected?
(Synergy Session, May 6, 2016, Video)

Implementing the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: What’s in it for Newfoundland and Labrador?
(Synergy Session, April 22, 2016, Video)

The NL Fiscal Crisis
(Synergy Session, March 29, 2016, Video)

Demystifying the Business of Universities
(Synergy Session, March 2, 2016, Video)

The Problem with Pestcides
(Synergy Session, February 12, 2016, Video)

The Changing Nature of Expertise and the Whole New Policymaker
(Synergy Session, January 20, 2016, Video)

The Ottawa-Newfoundland Relationship: Lessons from History
(Synergy Session, November 26, 2015, Video)

Exploring business models for water quality monitoring labs for private wells in NL
(Synergy Session, November 25, 2015, Video)

An Innovation Report Card for the Provinces
(Synergy Session, October 21, 2015, Video)

Marine Research with Impact: Partnering with the Marine Environmental Observation
(Synergy Session, August 25, 2015, Video)

The Productivity Puzzle
(Synergy Session, June 15, 2015, Video)

Integrating a Disability Lens in Public Policy
(Synergy Session, June 11, 2015, Video)

Islands of Sun and Ice
(Synergy Session, May 1, 2015, Video)

In the Eye of the Storm: Pipelines and the National Energy Board
(Synergy Session, February 2, 2015, Video)

Battening Down the Hatches: Lessons from Hurricane Igor
(Synergy Session, Septemeber 19, 2014, Video)

Increasing the Profitability and Reliability of Our Electrical System
(Synergy Session, September 12, 2014, Video)

A Safe and Decent Place to Live: Responding to the Needs of Homeless Youth
(Synergy Session, June 16, 2014, Video)

Relationships First: Rethinking the Formation of School Culture
(Synergy Session, May 12, 2014, Video)

Sci-Fact: How Robots and Computers are improving service delivery
(Synergy Session, March 14, 2014, Video)

No Adult Left Behind: Adult Education in Changing Times
(Synergy Session, April 4, 2014, Video)

Arctic Sovereignty and Security: What Role for National Defence?
(Synergy Session, April 2, 2014, Presentation)

Australia Immigrants and International Students-What can we learn?
(Synergy Session, March 14, 2014, Video)

Social Enterprise in the Age of Globalization
(Synergy Session, March 10, 2014, Video)

The Benefits of School Gardens: A Case Study of St. Francis School Greenhouse
(Synergy Session, March 7, 2014, Video)

BUILDing Prosperity One Green Job at a Time
(Synergy Session, February 25, 2014, Video)

Atlantic Canada Cooperation: Vision or Hallucination?
(Synergy Session, November 29, 2013, Video)

Employer investment in apprenticeships and work-based learning: Evidence from the UK
(Synergy Session, November 15, 2013, Video)

Synergy Alberta - A Community Engagement Success Story
(Synergy Session, September 4, 2013, Video)

Myth Busting the Sex Industry in Canada
(Synergy Session, August 9, 2013, Video)

Moving Downtown: How universities can re-use landmark properties
(Synergy Session, June 18, 2013, Video)

Are universities creating entrepreneurs or just ticking boxes?
(Synergy Session, May 16, 2013, Video)

Creating Cultural Landscapes: Including Culture in Design
(Synergy Session, March 20, 2013, Video)

It Takes More Than Kind Smiles and Nice Gestures: On the Integration of Muslim Immigrants
(Synergy Session, February 21, 2013, Video)


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