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The Future of the NL Economy - Generating Exports and Wealth(Memorial Presents, February 19, 2018)

Memorial Presents - On The Move: The Family and Community Impacts of Mobility for Work  (Memorial Presents, December 5, 2017)

Thriving Rural Regions: Stories from Southwestern Newfoundland
(Memorial Presents, October 25, 2016, Video)

History Repeating: How do we make sure Newfoundland and Labrador doesn't end up in crisis again?
(Memorial Presents, June 13, 2016, Video)

Creating Cultural Destinations- Art Heritage and Place
(Memorial Presents, June 7, 2016, Video)

The Impact of Aboriginal Residential Schools on Newfoundland and Labrador
(Memorial Presents, March 21, 2016, Video)

Making the Northeast Avalon a More Desirable Place to Live
(Memorial Presents, March 8, 2016, Video)

National Park Developments
(Memorial Presents, November 16, 2015, Video)

What Kind of Metropolis do we Want?
(Memorial Presents, November 10, 2015, Video)

What Kind of Province do we Want?
(Memorial Presents, June 9, 2015, Video)

Rethinking Transportation: A Social Equity Perspective
(Memorial Presents, May 19, 2015, Video)

Weaving Networks for a Collaborative and Sustainable Future in Western Newfoundland
(Memorial Presents, April 20, 2015, Video)

What are the Environmental Risks of Fracking on Landscapes and Watersheds?
(Memorial Presents, February 10, 2015, Video)

In the Loop: Planning for Future Development in the Irish Loop
(Memorial Presents, February 4, 2015, Video)

Building Home: Ending Youth Homelessness in NL
(Memorial Presents, December 3, 2014, Video)

Focus on the Future: Education in Nunatsiavut
(Memorial Presents, April 30, 2014, Video)

Moving Forward: Building Resilient Fisheries and Coastal Communities in NL
(Memorial Presents, April 16, 2014, Video)

The Facts About Fracking: An Engineering Perspective
(Memorial Presents, January 30, 2014, Video)

Healthy Spaces: Are the Places We Work, Live, and Play Making Us Sick?
(Memorial Presents, October 28, 2013, Video)

Pushing Back From the Edge: Education in Difficult Times
(Memorial Presents, August 21, 2013, Video)

Growing Gains/Growing Pains: The Opportunities & Challenges Facing the SW Avalon
(Memorial Presents, June 6, 2013, Video)

Community Resiliency: Navigating Boom & Bust Cycles
(Memorial Presents, March 25, 2013, Video)

Engaging Citizens: The Power of Collaboration in Democracy
(Memorial Presents, February 13, 2013, Video)

On the Move: Long-Distance Commuting and its Consequences
(Memorial Presents, December 4, 2012, Video)

Regional Development Without Zone Boards
(Memorial Presents, November 28, 2013, Video)

The Regionalization of Public Services and Economic Development in Rural NL

(Memorial Presents, September 26, 2012, Video)

What is the Future of the Inshore Fishery?
(Memorial Presents, September 5, 2012, Video)

Why the Divorce? The Merits and Shortcomings of a Fleet Separation Policy
(Memorial Presents, April 24, 2012, Video)

Grand Banks Natural Gas: A Source of Electricity for the Island of Newfoundland
(Memorial Presents, March 28, 2012, Video)

Muskrat Falls: The Best Option?
(Memorial Presents, January 17, 2012, Video)

How the Media Deal with Mental Illness
(Memorial Presents, November 8, 2011, Video)

A Prosperity Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador
(Memorial Presents, June 8, 2011, Video)

Health Care in 2020: Can Newfoundland and Labrador Lead the Way?
(Memorial Presents, February 15, 2011, Video)

Harnessing the Internet for Regional Development: Creating a Stronger Economy and Society
(Memorial Presents, October 13, 2010, Video)

What's for dinner? Building a healthy, reliable food supply for Newfoundland and Labrador
(Memorial Presents, June 9, 2010, Video)

The Atlantic Accord: A New-Found Vision?
(Memorial Presents, February 11, 2010, Video)

Teacher Education in Canada: The Issues and the Challenges
(Memorial Presents, October 14, 2009, Video)

Not a Nation? (Or Does Newfoundland Nationalism Make Historical Sense?)
(Memorial Presents, May 13, 2009, Audio)

Our Energy Resources: for export only, or also for development?
(Memorial Presents, January 19, 2009, Video)

The Churchill Falls Contract: What's to Come?
(Memorial Presents, December 3, 2008, Video)

Education Reform in Post-Confederation Newfoundland and Labrador: Politics and Lessons
(Memorial Presents, May 7, 2008, Video)

From Ivory Tower to Regional Power: the role of universities and colleges in development
(Memorial Presents, January 14, 2008, Video)

Meeting the Challenge of Regional Economic Development: Lessons from Ireland
(Memorial Presents, May 30, 2006)

Rural: Is It Worth Saving?
(Memorial Presents, April 24, 2006)


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