Address from the Hon. Minister David Brazil, Minister of Transportation and Works

Theme 1: Atlantic Canada in the Global Economy

Moderator: Nancy Healey, CEO, St. John's Board of Trade

This theme will look at the role of transportation in how Atlantic Canada is positioned in the global economy and examine questions such as how well is Atlantic Canada connected to the rest of the world? How easy (or difficult) is it for Atlantic Canadians to commute to work outside the region, or for long-haul tourists to tour the region? Why is it often more expensive to fly within Atlantic Canada than it is to fly from Atlantic Canada to Central Canada and even to Europe?

Keynote Presentation
Ryan Brain, Deloitte (Toronto)
Tourism and Travel: the new consumer in an increasingly important industry

Panel Discussion
Carol Ann Gilliard, Hospitality NL (St. John’s)
Dr. Barb Neis, On the Move Partnership, Memorial University (St. John’s)
Jamie Schwartz, Atlantic Canada Airports Association (St. John's)

Theme 2: Social and Equity Aspects of Transportation

Moderator: Mike Clair, Associate Director (Public Policy), Harris Centre

Transportation is an everyday means to accessing employment, education, healthcare and other services, but what about individuals without access to transportation? How do existing transportation options contribute to social inequity in Atlantic Canada? How might a renewed focus on finding transportation solutions promote the increased social inclusion of youth, women, immigrants, the elderly, persons living with disabilities, and those in lower income brackets? This theme will look at topics surrounding the role of transportation in addressing issues pertaining to social equity.

Keynote Presentation
Dr. Susan Hanson, Clark University (Worcester, MA)
Rethinking Transportation

Kathy Hawkins, Independent Living Resource Centre (St. John's)
Kerry Murray, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour (St. John's)
Dr. Sharon Roseman, On the Move Partnership, Memorial University (St. John's)

Theme 3: Economic and Policy Aspects of Transportation

Moderator: Glenn Davis, VP (Policy), Atlantic Chamber of Commerce

Transportation is an integral component of many public policy issues, including economic development, affordable housing, healthcare, labor markets, and social equity. What are the roles of governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses and citizens in reenvisioning our future transportation system? How can various levels of government collaborate to better integrate transportation options at the local, sub-regional and regional levels? This theme will look at how improvements in transportation systems can play a role in addressing endemic issues within a variety of public policy areas.

Keynote Presentation
Brian Flemming, Van Horne Institute (Halifax)
The Political Economy of Canada’s Transportation Policy in 2015: The “What” is Easy, the “How” is Hard

David Reage, Halifax Transit
Garrett Donaher, City of St. John’s
Remo Bucci, Deloitte (Toronto)

Theme 4: Innovating Transportation

Moderator: Tracey Hennessey, Regional Manager, Transport Canada

The field of transportation is fertile ground for technological innovation. From mobile apps that give real-time locations of public transit, to battery-operated cars, to driverless vehicles, to intelligent transportation systems that calibrate traffic lights and vehicle flows, there is an abundance of problem-solving creativity related to transportation. What new developments
could be in store to improve our transportation system and how could these help solve some of the challenges we face today?

Keynote Presentation
Michael Bailey, Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada (Toronto)
What is the Connected Car Connected To?


Scott Morton-Ninomiya, CarShare NL
Esteban Ricalde-Gonzalez, Memorial University (St. John’s)
Mary Bishop, CBCL Ltd. (St. John’s)



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