About Our Logo

harris centre logoThe Harris Centre acts as a navigator for community and government leaders and for citizens seeking to work with the University and as a navigator for faculty, staff and students within the University who wish to work with outside stakeholders. The use of the stylized compass pointing to the letter “N” symbolizes the Harris Centre’s Navigator role within the University and the community. The “true north” of the compass alludes to the value of knowledge in helping set a proper direction for the future. The stylized compass also captures Newfoundland and Labrador’s historical attachment to the Atlantic Ocean and its sea-going heritage. The brand element has been designed to work with the Memorial brand and to establish the Harris Centre’s visibility as an entry point to the resources and expertise of the University.

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The Harris Centre

230 Elizabeth Ave, St. John's, NL, CANADA, A1B 3X9

Postal Address: P.O. Box 4200, St. John's, NL, CANADA, A1C 5S7

Tel: (709) 864-8000