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Burton's Pond undergoes renovations

Construction is currently underway around the south end of Burton’s Pond on the St. John’s campus to allow for the construction of a sidewalk along Burton’s Pond Road.

This project is being undertaken to enable improved pedestrian and wheelchair travel to and from Burton’s Pond apartments and the rest of campus. Currently there is no sidewalk along this route resulting in pedestrians and wheelchairs having to travel within the roadway. As well, the university is renovating an apartment in Cabot Building to make the apartment accessible for a person with disabilities. The construction of a sidewalk will enhance the safety of both pedestrians and wheelchairs as they travel this route.

To facilitate the construction of the sidewalk, the travel area needed to be widened which is being accomplished with the construction of a retaining wall along the edge of Burton’s Pond.

Facilities Management Director Darrell Miles has indicated required approvals were obtained from the regulatory agencies prior to the commencement of this construction.

Measures have been taken to protect wildlife habitat which meet the requirements of the appropriate authorities.

“We’ve worked with the regulatory authorities on this, and we are confident both the needs of our students and our campus green spaces can be met,” he said.

Once the retaining wall and sidewalk are in place, pea gravel will be introduced along the shoreline of the pond which will probably result in more available fish spawning habitat than there was before the work began.