Research Associates

Current Post-Doctoral Research Associates

  • Ibrahim Osman Ibrahim Mahmoud Alnahhal, Ph.D. (Memorial University, St. John’s, Canada)
    Research Area: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Wireless Communications Systems
    January 2021 – Present

Current Graduate Students

  • Raphael Ahiaklo-Kuz
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis Topic: Resource Allocation in RIS-Aided Optical Wireless Communications Systems
    Expected graduation: 2026

  • Morteza Golzan
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis Topic: Design Automation for VLSI Circuits and Systems
    Expected graduation: 2025

  • Aseni Chamandika Jayarathne
    Degree: Master
    Thesis Topic: RIS-Assisted Integrated Sensing and Communication Systems
    Expected graduation: 2024

Current Visiting Students

Former Post-Doctoral Research Associates

  • Alain Richard Ndjiongue, Ph.D. (University of Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Research Area: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Optical Wireless Communications Systems
    August 2020 – August 2022

  • Ahmed Ibrahim, Ph.D. (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada)
    Research Area: D2D Communications for 5G
    September 2016 – August 2019

  • Oluyemi Omomukuyo, Ph.D. (University College London, UK)
    Research Area: Optical OFDM for OTN
    May 2014 – August 2017

  • Chinmoy Kundu, Ph.D. (India Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India)
    Research Area: Physical Layer Security & Cooperative Communications for Cognitive Radio Systems
    November 2015 – June 2016

  • Ali Afana, Ph.D. (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
    Research Area: Spatial Modulation & Cooperative Communications for Cognitive Radio Systems
    September 2014 – August 2015.

Former Graduate Students

  • Sylvester B. Aboagye
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis Topic: Design of VLC and Heterogeneous RF/VLC Systems for Future Generation Networks: An Algorithmic Approach
    Graduated: 2022

  • Mohamed Amir Khalil
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis Topic: Wireless Networks QoS Optimization Using Coded Caching and Machine Learning Algorithms
    Graduated: 2022

  • Alice Faisal
    Degree: Master
    Thesis Topic: Reflective Intelligence Surface Technology for Future Wireless Networks
    Graduated: 2022

  • Majid Hamoud Ahmed Khoshafa
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis: Physical Layer Security in 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks Enabling Technologies
    Graduated: 2021

  • Xiang Lin
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis: Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Next-Generation Flexible Optical Networks
    Graduated: 2019

  • Sylvester Aboagye
    Degree: Master
    Thesis: Energy Efficient Optimization in Millimeter Wave Backhaul Heterogeneous Networks
    Graduated: 2018

  • Alain Richard Ndjiongue (University of Johannesburg)
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis: Interfacing Power Line Communications and Visible Light Communications Based on Phase Shift Keying and Colour Shift Keying
    Graduated: 2017

Former Visiting Students

  • Ge Shi (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China)
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Graduated: 2021

  • Maxence Lannuzel (University of Bretagne Occidental (UBO), Brest, France)
    Degree: Master
    Graduated: 2018

  • Clet Boudehenn (University of Bretagne Occidental (UBO), Brest, France)
    Degree: Master
    Graduated: 2018

  • Nhat-Quang Nhan (LAB-STICC Laboratory, University of Bretagne Occidental (UBO))
    Degree: Ph.D.
    Thesis: Optimization of Linear Precoders for Decoded MIMO Systems with Iterative Receivers
    Graduated: 2016


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