Work Order Request

Dawn Gulliver and Bev Preston

A work order request authorizes a worker from Facilities Management to do work. Supervisors use work orders to schedule work and assign requests to different areas. A work order is the means by which work requests are communicated to front-line workers. Once the work is completed, the work order is returned to the Work Control Centre and information such as labour and parts are keyed into our computerized maintenance management system along with any worker reports or recommendations. Thus, the work order also serves as an information source which we use to determine where worker efforts are going into what types of jobs. The same information is used for billing of customers when necessary for chargeable services.

When you have a facilities-related problem or a service request that requires action from our department, the Work Control Centre dispatcher takes your call or written request (e-mail or internal mail), evaluates it, and enters it into our computerized maintenance management system with the following information:

Room Number: We need you to provide us with this. Not only is it necessary for the worker to know where the work must be carried out, but a room number provides us with the information on where our overall efforts are going.

Date Requested:


Contact Information: The name and contact number of the requesting person. References to written requests and service material authorization can also be included.

Detailed Information: A description of the actual problem.

Shop: The trade(s) assigned to do the job.

Once entered into our system, work orders are received electronically or by hard copy by the different shop supervisors who schedule workers for the job based on priority and available resources.


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