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Effective September 1, 2005, the recycling of waste paper in St. John’s, Mount Pearl, and Conception Bay South is mandatory for all businesses and organizations with more than twenty-five employees, as per Government of Newfoundland and Labrador regulations.

What must be recycled?

Products that must be diverted under this regulation include:

White Paper

Telephone Books

Hard Covered Books (covers removed)

Coloured Paper

Shredded Paper

Envelopes (with and without windows)


File Folders

Post-It Notes (white or coloured)



Business Cards

Glossy Magazines

Soft Covered Books

What containers do you use?

The above products are to be disposed of in the blue recycling containers that are currently found throughout most offices and workstations. If additional blue containers are required, please contact Facilities Management at 864-7600.

Who will empty the blue recycling containers and traditional office waste containers?
Custodial staff will empty the blue recycling containers in addition to the traditional waste containers as part of their routine cleaning service. Office and workstation occupants will no longer be required to remove recycling materials to the larger, centrally located recycling bins.

How can you help?

  • Before discarding office paper products into the waste stream, ask yourself, “Can this be recycled?”
  • When discarding traditional waste products (garbage), make sure you do not do so in the blue recycling containers, thereby making the recyclable office paper nonrecyclable.

What paper products are not recyclable?

Examples of products that are not recyclable include: carbon paper, tissue paper, waxed paper, paper plates and cups, food packaging, and padded bubble envelopes.


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