Written requests for renovations should be made through Facilities Engineering & Development. Where funding will be from departmental sources, requests should be made utilizing a Project Request Form providing the chargeable departmental account number. Forms are available on this web site or by calling Facilities Engineering and Development at 864-8725.

The scope of each project varies; therefore, the following should be used as a general guideline as to the process for renovations. A site visit and discussion with the requesting department is held and an estimate is prepared if required. (See Estimates) If approval is given by the requesting department, preliminary drawings and layouts are prepared by Facilities Engineering & Development and reviewed with clients. Final drawings are then completed and tenders are called. If tender amount is approved, the project is awarded and construction is scheduled in coordination with the requesting department. Should the project not proceed, the requesting department will be required to pay for design and tendering costs.

As a guideline, complicated projects with a value in the order of $100,000 may require 3-4 months’ lead time from the time of the approval to proceed, while less complicated projects may require 1-2 months’ lead time from approval to proceed. An accurate schedule will be provided for all projects prior to their proceeding.

Throughout a construction project, a change in the original scope of work may be required by the customer and/or the Facilities Engineering & Development section of Facilities Management. If changes are necessary after the start of a construction project, a change order will be required. An original estimate may or may not be affected by issuance of a change order. Change orders can be either an addition to the project or a deletion to the project. If additional funding is required due to issuance of a change order, approval would have to be obtained from the funding department in order to proceed with change in work.

For more information, contact Facilities Engineering & Development by calling 864-8272 or 864-8725.


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